Rebtel claims 10 million VoIP users

Brian Turner

March 10, 2011

Rebtel announced today that it has now passed the 10 million user mark, making the claim that this makes it the biggest VoIP provider after Skype.

Rebtel increased revenues by more than 120% to $40 million in 2010, and plans to almost double this to $75 million by the end of 2011.

It’s still a long way behind Skype, however, whom according to a January story in Techcrunch, has a growth rate of around 25% with its predicted revenue for 2011 at $1 billion.

Rebtel has now logged over 1 billion minutes of international calls via 200 million calls made since the company started up in 2006.

The company attributes its success to its commitment to the customer, achieving an all time high on its customer satisfaction survey in February 2011 with 98% of users stating they would recommend Rebtel to a friend.

Rebtel’s word of mouth recommendations are an integral part of its growth, as it drives registrations and accounts for 65% of new user registrations.

Rapid expansion into Africa, Asia and the Middle East has also contributed to the increase in customer base. Free international calls to mobiles were enabled in Algeria, Bahrain and Jordan and rates have been lowered to Egypt and the above countries.

Andreas Bernström, CEO at Rebtel, says: “These are fantastic results, which confirm Rebtel is a serious player in the mobile VoIP market. We are thrilled to be growing at such a rate and plan to keep up this pace for the rest of 2011 and beyond.

“We have a detailed plan of action for the coming months and will be releasing more innovative and viral applications that help us deliver high quality and low cost international communication for the consumer market.”


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