Xbox Kinect sales sprint to 10 million

Darren Allan

March 10, 2011

The success story of Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral appears to be a continuing one.

Much like a manically leg-pumping gamer running on the spot partaking of the 100 metres dash in Kinect Sports, the motion control system has sprinted to global sales of 10 million, according to Microsoft’s own figures.

In fact, we’re told that Guinness World Records has officially named the Kinect the fastest selling consumer electronics device ever, because it shifted 8 million units in its first two months on sale.

Gaz Deaves, Gaming Editor for Guinness World Records, commented: “The sales figures here speak for themselves. According to independent research, no other consumer electronics device sold faster within a 60-day time span, which is an incredible achievement considering the strength of the sector.”

But hang on a moment. iSuppli’s recent figures stated that Microsoft had shipped 8 million Kinects to retailers by the end of 2010. Worldwide sell-through to consumers, according to the analyst firm, was 6.4 million.

So does the record count for units shipped out to retail, then? Or were the iSuppli figures off the mark? We’re slightly confused, we don’t mind admitting.

Even so, there’s no sneezing at sales of 6.4 million anyway, which still easily exceeded Microsoft’s hoped-for 5 million target.

Apparently 10 million standalone Kinect games have also been sold worldwide to date. That would make one for every motion sensor sold, simple maths tell us.

The Kinect has come in for the obligatory price cut now early adopters have been successfully fleeced. It’s up on Amazon currently for £104.


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