Apple iPhone 5 won’t have NFC

Darren Allan

March 14, 2011

NFC is one of the latest mobile buzzwords, with new smartphones such as Google’s Nexus S having the technology on board.

Not that you’re likely to have missed it, but NFC stands for Near Field Communications, a tech which allows your phone to read (and write) information from everyday objects with NFC chips embedded in them.

These can be movie posters, T-shirts, anything really, but more importantly, NFC is also set to revolutionise the world of mobile payments, and perhaps eventually lead to smartphones completely replacing credit/debit cards when shopping.

Mobile payment scheme trials are already planned for later this year by the likes of Everything Everywhere, so NFC is something of a big upcoming deal.

Although in the case of the iPhone 5, apparently NFC stands for No Flippin’ Chance, as Apple’s next-gen smartphone won’t carry it.

The iPhone 5 was certainly expected to, but apparently Apple thinks it’s still too early in NFC’s life to be bothering with bringing the technology on board.

A report in the Independent quoted a source “close to discussions” which Apple had held on the matter as saying: “The new iPhone will not have NFC, Apple told the operators it was concerned by the lack of a clear standard across the industry.”

NFC technology is expected to land with 2012’s iPhone, however, with Apple said to be working on its own slant, linking NFC payments through iTunes. Sounds about right.


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