Amazon Appstore for Android launched

Darren Allan
Darren Allan - has officially launched its Appstore for Android, despite a legal volley from Apple over the name.

The store is currently only accessible in the States, and has a relatively modest starting collection of around 3,800 apps available for Amazon users to purchase.

So what exactly does the store have to offer to turn the heads of Android users? Amazon reviews and recommendations, of course, plus the convenience of one-click purchasing for customers of the online retailer.

Computer Business Review notes that one of the most interesting features, however, is the ability to take an app out for a test run before purchase, a quick try-before-you-buy scheme. Much like Amazon offers samples of the initial chapters of books on Kindle.

Angry Birds is predictably number one in the top 100 paid apps, followed by Angry Birds Seasons, and Fruit Ninja. Top of the free Amazon chart is Angry Birds Rio (currently on offer for free), followed by ZombieBooth, and then Fancy Widget.

Amazon is offering some paid apps for free every day as tempters to sign up, a policy it will hopefully carry over to the UK Appstore when that kicks off. If not, there’ll be some unhappy Brits around who didn’t get their freebie version of Angry Birds Rio…

It is actually possible to download the Appstore application and install it on a UK-based Android device, but you won’t be able to access the marketplace itself. Exactly when a UK version of the store is coming isn’t clear yet – but hopefully it will be imminent.

That is, if Apple’s legal size tens aren’t going to be wading in further and causing disruption.

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