FEAR 3 set for May 27th release

Darren Allan

March 23, 2011

FEAR 3 has had an official release date pin-pointed, and is set to come out on May 27th.

The three-quel from Warner Bros Interactive will offer a “unique” single player experience, according to the developer.

The player will be able to take on each level twice, first with Point Man, and then with a second character, Paxton Fettel (both of whom are the sons of Alma from the previous games).

Paxton offers a very different way to experience the single player campaign, with supernatural powers that allow him to telekinetically suspend or crush enemies, as well as possessing them. All good fun, and distinct from Point Man’s super-soldier abilities.

FEAR 3 is set to emerge on the PC, Xbox and PS3 come the end of May. Until then, keep practising your telekinetic skills on the teaspoons in the cutlery drawer.


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