Google launches Think Quarterly magazine

Darren Allan

March 24, 2011

Google does lots of things, these days. It’s not just a search engine, but it also has fingers in web browser pies, smartphones, operating systems, heck, even self-driving cars.

And now you can add publishing to that growing list, because Google has launched Think Quarterly, a UK-based offline and online magazine.

According to the publication’s Twitter account, it is “a unique communications tool that brings together some of the world’s leading minds to discuss the big issues facing businesses today.”

IDG News (via PC World) spotted the launch of the magazine, which consists of some 70 odd pages of interviews and features based around a theme.

The first issue examines the subject of data – including data obesity (fat computers which have got out of shape because their owners never use them) and data impotence (again, computers which are never turned on).

We jest, of course, it is actually a serious exploration of all things data-related. The publication is aimed at partners and advertisers, not a consumer audience, with a limited print run apparently being available to select lucky businesses. However, anyone can grab it online here – although right at this moment, it seems to be down.


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