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March 24, 2011

iPad 2 Gold History Edition costs £5 million

by Darren Allan

The iPad 2 is about to launch tomorrow in the UK, and what does another big iGadget launch bring to our fair land?

Apart from the obligatory queues around the block and potential stock shortages, it also means Stuart Hughes has been busy “blinging” up the latest Apple tablet.

The Liverpudlian gadget decorator has once again put his midas touch to the iPad, scattering the sequel with diamonds and gold. If you thought the Hermes iPad 2 cover was expensive, then cover your wallet’s ears now.

The iPad 2 Gold History Edition comes clad in 24 carat gold, with 12.5 carats of 53 individual flawless diamonds set into the Apple logo on the rear.

Hughes’ latest hobby is also covering these gadgets in bits of dinosaurs and prehistoric miscellany. The new iPad 2 comes with a T-Rex’s thigh bone splintered and shaved into Ammolite sourced from Canada (a rock which is over 75 million years old). This is then finished off with a single cut 8.5 carat flawless diamond, complete with platinum surround and 12 outer diamonds.

So what’s the the price for this, as Hughes call it, the “world’s most unique gadget” (since he last took an iPhone, covered it in glue and chucked a load of diamonds, dinosaur ribs and bits of meteor at it). It’ll cost you a cool £5 million, and only two of the devices have been made, unsurprisingly.

One of the selling points of the new iPad 2 is the fact that it’s much slimmer and lighter than its predecessor. Covering it in 2kg of solid gold, however, does bulk the unit up a tad… you won’t be holding this particular tablet up taking pictures for long. Not unless you have biceps like David Haye.

Still, maybe with the iPad 3 he can craft a pair of genuine pterodactyl wings to the side of it, and via some robotics have them flap so the pricey slate is capable of self-powered flight. That might take a bit of a toll on the ten hour battery life, though…

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