Nintendo 3DS: Where to get it cheapest

Darren Allan

March 28, 2011

Just before the weekend, Nintendo launched its 3DS handheld to great fanfare.

There were queues of hundreds, with midnight openings at HMV and Game stores across the UK, and record pre-orders for a Nintendo console.

You’ve probably also seen the adverts on TV this weekend, with a large advertising push spurring folks on to buy the dual-screen, glasses-free 3D wonder. But where do you get the best price? The 3DS has been cut considerably since it first emerged on pre-order with a £229 price tag.

If we’re talking online, the best deal is being offered by Amazon at £187. That’s considerably cheaper than say, which has the unit up for £197.

Dixons also has the console at £187, with any game for £25, and Morrisons has the handheld at that same price point, too.

However, the best deal is currently offered by Tesco, with a slight caveat – it assumes you want to buy a game with your 3DS (which, let’s face it, most folks will). The 3DS will cost you £175 here (plus the price of that compulsory game).


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