Smart phones to replace mp3 players

Brian Turner

March 28, 2011

Smart phones are replacing the need for dedicated mp3 players.

That’s according to Juniper Research, who also see Apple’s iPhones sales as cannabilising their iPod line.

Incahoot reports, Daniel Ashdown, wireless sector analyst at Juniper Research, as summarising the death if the mp3 player:

“Obviously they [Apple] are a major player in the mobile music market and in the mp3 player market and I think that’s indicative of the trend in what kind of devices people are buying.”

Incahoot also states that former senior economist at the World Trade Organisation, Dr Alice Enders, has also stated that the iPod is “essentially finished”.

However, a recent story at MacRumours suggests Apple is not going to abandon its archetypal iPod classic anytime soon.

Despite the fact that the iPod classic has not been updated since September 2009, Steve Jobs replied to an email stating that there were “no plans” to discontinue the line.

Even though the iPod Touch is undoubtedly a roaring success, both that, the iPhone, and other smart phones, have yet to come close to the 160GB storage capacity offered by the iPod classic.

As the Apple store proudly declares on the iPod classic sales page: One word: Capacity.

Until smart phones are able to offer similar memory capacity, you can bet that there’s plenty of life left yet in the iPod classic.

As for other MP3 players - that may be another story.


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  1. Leo says:

    I work out and run at least 4-5 times a week, and I love my small compact iPod nano. It has 16GB of storage space which is more than enough for my work out music. I personally can’t workout with a big hunkin’ iPhone on my arm plus I don’t like sweating all over it.

    I like taking a break from my phone every once in a while, where no one can reach me and I can’t hear it ringing. Using an MP3 player for my work outs instead of my phone is a great get away option. For me, my phone will never replace my MP3 player.

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