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March 29, 2011

Apple iPad 2 sells out across the globe

by Darren Allan

Yes, you’ve quite probably heard enough about the iPad 2 since its launch in the US a fortnight ago, and then internationally on Friday.

But we’re afraid you’re going to hear some more, because Apple‘s tablet sequel appears to be selling faster than freshly baked, just-glazed hot-cross buns. Despite the fact that they cost considerably more than a ha’penny.

Yesterday, we wrote about the iPad 2 selling out across the UK, pretty much. Certainly in London and the south west, it seems the slate is out of stock, and the Daily Mail claimed that “many stores across the country” have seen their inventory depleted.

However, it isn’t just in the UK that the iPad 2 is being eagerly consumed. Nine News reports that in Australia, stocks are also running low.

The Apple flagship store in Sydney is out, and there were queues of hundreds on launch day in Adelaide, with some going home empty-handed and disappointed. Word of sold out stores keeps coming in from across the country.

The report also notes that Forbes has been keeping an eye on the iPad 2′s progress in Paris, with the Apple Opera Store shifting 3,000 in five hours, and selling out completely within 24 hours.

An article on PCMag.com states that analyst firm Ticonderoga Securities reckons the iPad 2 has quickly sold out in Paris, Germany, Zurich, Barcelona and Toronto.

The next question, of course, is how quickly Apple can get further stock out on a worldwide basis. And with the potential component shortage from the Japanese quake threatening the supply chain, it’s an uncertain near future.

There’s always eBay, of course, if you don’t mind paying over the odds. A quick scan reveals a pair of auctions about to close for the basic 16GB wi-fi iPad 2, currently at £430 and £440, still with two hours to go (the RRP being £399).

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  1. Apple is clearly padding the sales figures for this quarter. They are booking orders as sales, and, because supply is limited thanks to events in Japan constraining available components, they are pushing what product they do have through third parties like Radio Shack, so they can book that channel stuffing as sales.

    Funny how the online orders have a delivery time of 3-4 weeks, so that pushes the delivery into next quarter, so if it needs to be cancelled through ongoing component shortages, it comes out of next quarter’s figures, not this one.

    Comment by Stu — March 29, 2011 @ 5:42 pm

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