Sony Ericsson to unlock boot loader on forthcoming Xperia phones

Darren Allan

March 29, 2011

Sony Ericsson has announced that it intends to unlock the boot loader in certain upcoming models of the Xperia range.

According to an article on, the Xperia Play, Arc, Neo and Xperia Pro will all come with the keys to the boot, which will allow devs (and modders) to flash the devices with their own custom ROMs.

We guess this is another selling point in the Xperia Play’s favour, and it needs them, with the gaming phone effectively going up against some big competition this year in the form of Sony’s own NGP and the 3DS.

The downside is that SE is warning that piddling about customising your handset as you please may void your warranty.

Exactly when this feature will be enabled isn’t clear, although it’s expected to go live before the summer arrives.


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