Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to be unveiled in April

Darren Allan

March 30, 2011

It seems that the wraps are about to be taken off the next big instalment in the mega-selling Call of Duty franchise.

Modern Warfare 3 is expected to be announced next month for a late autumn launch where it will face off against Battlefield 3, according to a report on Fudzilla.

Fudzilla’s sources are claiming a mid-April reveal to build hype before E3, with Infinity Ward remaining lead developer, but with some assistance coming from Sledgehammer and Raven, apparently.

Word is that the storyline will continue where Modern Warfare 2 left off, although other whispers have been heard suggesting a trip to Vietnam.

Not that this is the first time the Vietnam rumour has been going around – some folks thought that Black Ops would be set in the ‘nam era.


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  1. cornelius says:

    I think they need to hurry up and release details on Modern Warfare 3. Hopefully we get a trailer and this game is TONS better than the crap they put out called Black Ops. I read this interesting article on a Modern Warfare 3 fan site and they were talking about if MW3 can remain the top FPS. I think it’s possible, I always enjoyed the Modern Warfare 3 titles as they seem to have better gameplay as compared to the “Call of Duty” titles. The franchise has taken a huge step back with the previous two games released, and I think with the competition stepping up that Activision will make sure this is a great game. They also said the game will be out on November 11, which is interesting. Are there any other MW3 sites out there with new information on the game? That was the only one I can find that has news on modern warfare 3 consistently and provides new info.

  2. Shadow says:

    Do. Not. Buy.

    Battlefield 3 is where its at now.

  3. Paxo says:

    I really enjoyed MW2 title, black ops was not bad, but as mentioned above it was a step back. There are rumors going around, that the oncoming MW3 will be more realistic, with walking around base, filling paper works and such stupid annoying stuff!!! I personally will not buy it if they keep the game by this concept. C’mon people, no one likes to do the paper work. And I have to agree PARTIALLY with ‘Shadow’ that BF3 looks amazing and Infinity and whoever they cooperate with, has to set up a pretty good and interesting trailers for MW3 to be the competition for the 3 BF3 trailers already announced! I like MW as such, so please I.W. don’t **** it up!

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