London Underground 3G plans go down the tube

Darren Allan

April 1, 2011

Plans to get a mobile network up and running on the London underground have apparently collapsed.

According to a report by the BBC, negotiations between Huawei and UK network operators have apparently come undone.

Despite Huawei’s offer to heavily subsidise the necessary equipment, the Beeb says that the talks ground to a halt due to commercial issues, namely the cost of installing the network throughout the ageing tube infrastructure. It was nothing to do with security issues, apparently.

So there won’t be full mobile coverage on the tube before the 2012 Olympics as Boris Johnson had hoped. However, the wi-fi scheme, as we reported at the start of this week, is still going ahead at 120 stations.

A previous poll of Londoners by in February had indicated that 76% said they didn’t want a mobile network on the underground, anyway.


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