Rare says it only used 10% of Kinect’s potential

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Rare reckons that its Kinect Sports only used around 10-15% of the “technical potential” of Microsoft’s motion controller.

So CVG reports Software Director Nick Burton stating, adding that there were “virtually limitless” possibilities with the device.

He said that Rare’s next game would take advantage of more of Kinect’s features – quite possibly including speech recognition, and online connectivity.

Boss of Rare, Scott Henson, added that he envisioned a point where you’re “sitting in your living room and saying: ‘Kinect, entertain me.’”

“That’s where we’re going,” he added. Although when questioned about whether a core game such as Halo would ever be Kinect-powered, he doubted whether shooter fans would want a motion controlled experience.

He did, however, note that a separate Halo game for the Kinect might work. Perhaps like the last Harry Potter, where they added an optional Kinect-powered spell flinging bit (but hopefully much better produced than that).

The other alternative, of course, is to work Kinect into a core shooter for additional features, such as speech commands, or perhaps even head tracking (if the system could read a player sat down with the controller).

We’re sure there is a lot of untapped potential with the device, but now the initial novelty has sold a large amount of Kinects, it’s fairly certain we need some more core games coming along to show off its prowess soon. Fingers crossed for E3.

Meantime, we can look forward to seeing what Child of Eden can do, which is also supposed to be out in June.

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