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April 2, 2011

Orange launches Do Some Good volunteering app

by Darren Allan

Orange has launched a free iPhone app to encourage folks to volunteer a bit of spare time to help out a charitable cause.

The Do Some Good app is aimed at those who perhaps haven’t got the time to invest an entire day, but would like to spend the odd chunk of spare time doing some good. The idea being that lots of little bits of help will all add up.

So while waiting for the kettle to boil, or perhaps before a dental appointment, rather than flicking through some three-year-old car or housekeeping magazine, you can instead take on a short task.

Like, for example, taking part in a survey for a charity, to help them on the research front. Or taking photos at a location requested by a charitable organisation.

Every action is supposed to take just five minutes to complete. Orange notes: “With lots of people doing small actions we can create a big impact for charitable organisations.”

And there are rewards beyond the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped out, too. The network operator is making those who complete 60 separate actions eligible for music rewards from the Orange RockCorps Collective, including free gig tickets.

A clever idea indeed, and hopefully one that will catch on. Orange expects to expand the app to other platforms aside from iOS in the future, so we’d imagine it won’t be long before it arrives on Android.

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