Motorola Xoom wi-fi price dropped to £480

Darren Allan

April 5, 2011

The Motorola Xoom hasn’t got off to a particularly cracking start over in the States, it would seem.

And it’s due to launch later this week in the UK (although that date could possibly slip to next week). The Dixons Group, which has the exclusive on the cheaper wi-fi version of the Xoom, reckons it’ll be shipping at the weekend, but that is still “to be confirmed”.

Perhaps concern over competitiveness versus the iPad 2 have prompted the latest move Dixons has made with the Motorola tablet, cutting the price by £20.

It’s now down to £480 from £500, and as such is priced identically to the wi-fi iPad 2 with the same amount of storage, 32GB.

The Xoom’s sales in the US have been described in pretty negative terms (from underwhelming to awful). A lack of battery life has been bemoaned, as has the stability of Android Honeycomb in its current form.

Given that, to lock horns with Apple, we’ve a feeling a further price cut may be on the way. Undercutting rather than matching the price might be the only route for Motorola, and folks who realise that will likely be holding off buying on launch week.

There will, of course, be other Honeycomb options open soon. Budget slates such as the Acer Iconia Tab A100 pegged at £300, although that’s a 7 inch tablet as opposed to the Xoom’s 10 inch display.


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  1. John Fish says:

    Motorola screwed themselves through their pricing, the original ipad pricing was a benchmark and it is difficult to justify more even if there are extra features. There are lots of good Android tablets coming, hopefully Motorola will learn their lesson from the Xoom and won’t try to take advantage of their customers again.

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