One in five iPhone owners struggle with finances

Darren Allan

April 6, 2011

The YouGov survey on British smartphone owners which we covered yesterday also threw out some interesting information about those who fork out the dosh for an iPhone.

It seems that of those surveyed who owned an Apple smartphone, almost a fifth of them said that their primary bank account is always overdrawn (source: The Mail Online).

That rather flies in the face of the image of the iPhone as a toy for the more affluent. For some gadget folks, it would seem a flash phone is a must-have gadget, even when they can’t really afford it.

The research suggests that the phones of the UK’s rich are, in fact, BlackBerries and Androids. Only just over 50% of iPhone owners earn in excess of £20,000 per year, compared with 62% of BlackBerry users, and 73% of Android devotees.

Why was the survey snooping on the financial details of those being questioned? Because it was commissioned by a banking software group.

As we noted yesterday, the survey revealed that Android was the most popular smartphone platform in the UK, but only just. 28% said they owned Android, just edging out the iPhone on 26%. BlackBerry was third on 14%.


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  1. Shadow says:

    Well of course, they are buying an overpriced overrated piece of trash. So they have no soul.

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