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April 6, 2011

The Sun continues campaign against Nintendo 3DS

by Darren Allan

As you probably saw yesterday, The Sun newspaper ran an article claiming that there were high levels of returns of the Nintendo 3DS due to the sickness and headaches its three dimensional effects caused.

A story which Nintendo, in conjunction with retailers such as Game and HMV, moved quickly to quash.

Nintendo said that the “number of calls and emails with queries on Nintendo 3DS is in fact well below the rate experienced during past hardware launches and having spoken with our retail partners there are only a handful of people who have actually gone into stores to request a refund.”

The Sun consequently adjusted its story, although still claimed “thousands” were suffering from headaches and dizziness at the hands of the 3DS.

However, it seems the tabloid won’t let this one lie – either that, or it enjoyed all the publicity it got yesterday – as today another article has popped up warning of the pitfalls of the device.

In the second article, The Sun gets their doctor (in her white coat) to test one of its staffers playing the device, evaluating his reaction, heart rate and blood pressure.

The results? The test subject played for four blocks of thirty minutes, with ten minutes rest in between. After an hour, his blood pressure had gone up slightly, and pulse stayed about the same – nothing much happened.

After two hours, his blood pressure and pulse had gone up noticeably. However, during the third half hour he was playing while walking, and exercise while concentrating on the 3D effect – plus the screen jiggling around making that harder – isn’t likely to have helped.

The fourth half hour was spent playing in a car, and he noted: “Playing in car passenger seat makes me feel very nauseated.” But that’s a subjective judgement. Some people feel nauseous if they read a book in a moving car, or take their eyes off the road/scenery at all.

The Sun’s conclusion? The test subject says: “After two hours, it’s time to put it away.” And the doc: “Children should not be left to play on it for hours.” Although we’d agree the latter is sensible advice, anyway, for any games console.

It does seem the paper has a particularly active bee in its bonnet when it comes to Nintendo’s latest handheld.

This is all plenty of publicity, as we’ve already mentioned, but there have also been whispers of possible ulterior motives in dark corners of the net. A possible spat over Nintendo’s ad spend with the tabloid being part of the mutterings…

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  1. Even though the story has been published in the Sun, there might yet be some truth in it. The 3D images could be sending the brain false information about the position of the horizon, conflicting with the information coming from the rest of our senses. That is how seasickness works. Over time the brain will probably learn to cope with it, just as people can get used to the motion of a ship.

    Comment by Philip Sheard — April 6, 2011 @ 12:29 pm

  2. So I tried the 3DS. It gave me a headache and the 3D wasn’t that impressive. Nintendo fails again.

    Comment by Tom — April 6, 2011 @ 1:46 pm

  3. It sounds like The Sun are trying to protect themselves against the inevitable big lawsuit for making up a story that could have impacted another company’s sales.

    Funnily enough, reading The Sun makes me feel sick. :)

    Comment by Brian Turner — April 6, 2011 @ 2:01 pm

  4. This is no different to viewing a 3D film in the cinema. The technology wont work for everyone and some will feel ill. But if that is the case, dont go see a 3D film and TURN OFF THE 3D on the 3Ds.


    You can still enjoy amazing games on the 3Ds without using the 3D.

    Comment by SNS — April 6, 2011 @ 3:24 pm

  5. What kind of idiot plays a games console whilst walking down the street anyway. Besides newspapers always go over the top that how they sell stories if they wrote “10 people get sick from playing new 3DS” as the headline it wouldn’t sell.

    Comment by leafninjastpeh — April 6, 2011 @ 3:40 pm

  6. @SNS exactly people think it a waste if you don’t use the 3D but I don’t really care about the 3D I just want it to play the new games and plus the graphics will be better than a regular DS.

    Comment by leafninjasteph — April 6, 2011 @ 3:42 pm

  7. @Tom Fails again. What a donkey, Nintendo OWNS the handheld market. Don’t forget that you dirty little rascal.

    Comment by Shadow — April 6, 2011 @ 4:53 pm

  8. I loved the demo when the price comes down, ill probably get one

    Comment by Jim — April 10, 2011 @ 8:44 am

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