Rockstar unveils third trailer for LA Noire

Darren Allan

April 7, 2011

Rockstar has unveiled another (third) trailer for LA Noire.

You can check out the latest clip showcasing the violent crime thriller, which blends action with “proper” detective work, at the official website here.

LA Noire is supposed to be part cinema, part gaming, and you can tell from the trailers it certainly has a striking cinematic sense of style. The facial animations on characters are particularly impressive, too (Rockstar notes that the trailer is all in-game footage).

The third trailer touches on issues of illegal gambling, corruption within the Vice desk of the force, and there’s a hint of government issued morphine as well. A dark and wicked web indeed.

LA Noire is due to be released on the Xbox and PS3 on May 20th. We don’t know about you, but we’re booking some time off work already.


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