Sony PSP gets price cut in Europe but not UK

Darren Allan

April 11, 2011

Good news for handheld gamers – Sony has decided to slash the price of the PSP, knocking over a quarter off.

Then there’s the bad news – this might be happening in Europe, but the company isn’t extending the measure to the UK. reports that the price tag has been cut from 180 Euros to 130 Euros, as of the end of last week. The US price was also cut to $130 in February – but sadly there’s no such luck in the UK.

Sony told (via T3) that the European price cut had been “made possible by favourable fluctuations in the exchange rate between the Euro and the Yen. Since we in the UK are vulnerable to two exchange rate calculations, pounds into Euros and Euros into Yen, we are not in a position to offer a similar cut in PSP for the UK.”

Isabelle Tomatis, European Hardware and Platforms Marketing Manager at SCEE, commented: “PSP continues to offer a total entertainment package at unbeatable prices. The console’s new recommended retail price, complimented by a whole host of affordable games in the Essentials, Platinum and minis collections, opens up a world of portable gaming for less – particularly for our younger audiences.”

Unless you’re in the UK, that is, in which case you have to pay the same amount for the handheld in pounds as those on the continent do in Euros, and those in the States with their dollars.

With Sony’s NGP on the horizon, we’d expect a price cut will be on the way for us at some point. An equivalent reduction would put the PSP at less than £100.


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  1. Shadow says:

    Boycott it. Simple.

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