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April 13, 2011

Lenovo reveals plans for giant 23 inch tablet

by Darren Allan

Tablets come in two different sizes, broadly: the 10 inch and the 7 inch variety.

Someone’s always different, mind, such as Samsung which has both of these sizes, along with a middle road compromise of an 8.9 inch slate in the works.

And then there’s Lenovo, which has decided that size really is important, and to that end is producing a 23 inch tablet. No, we didn’t mean to type 13 inch and hit the “2” key instead of the “1”, the company really is set to roll out a small-TV-sized tablet monster.

Obviously the idea isn’t that this is a portable slate in the mould of the iPad or tens of other Android devices.

T3 reports that Lenovo is positioning this as a tablet which could be moved around the house, perhaps used as a TV in the kitchen, a computer in the bedroom (along with a keyboard), or placed flat down on the dining table and used by the family to play games.

It’s a fairly novel idea, and although all-in-one PCs could fulfil some of these roles, they obviously wouldn’t be as portable. Lenovo reckons it’s working to get the weight right down, so the device will be truly easy to cart from room to room without accidentally dropping it on your foot.

At any rate, at least it isn’t another 10 inch Android tablet, to further saturate a market which couldn’t be any more saturated if it had a hosepipe water-fight in the middle of a monsoon downpour.

The 23 inch tablet might be out before the close of 2011. Prospective names (which we’ve made up) include the Lenovo MegaGigantoBigTab, the Lenovo Titanic, and the Lenovo Hernia.

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