Microsoft details next Windows Phone 7 “Mango” upgrade

Darren Allan

April 13, 2011

Microsoft has decided to take a leaf out of Apple’s book, giving the next version of Windows Phone 7 a fruity name.

Mango, as it’s known, was discussed in some detail at MIX11, Microsoft’s Las Vegas based event for web and phone developers.

So what will be new in Mango’ed WP7? The major points are enhanced multi-tasking for fast app switching, and developers being given access to the Windows Phone camera and motion sensor library.

In other words, prepare for apps which can sense motion via the handset’s camera, which could lead to some quite groovy stuff.

Mango is expected to roll out in the Autumn. Meanwhile, the current NoDo update (which brings with it copy and paste) is still rolling out, with some users getting impatient that they haven’t received it yet.

The update should be out everywhere by the end of this month, but the distribution of NoDo has been a rather sluggish process. Some lessons have been learned for Mango, we hope, and there’ll be no danger of it turning into a Lemon.


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