Lenovo rubbishes 23 inch tablet speculation

Darren Allan

April 14, 2011

Yesterday, we reported on Lenovo’s wish to bring out a 23 inch tablet.

Despite the idea of such a behemoth tablet seeming rather bemusing, T3 had quotes from a Lenovo marketing man which certainly all sounded very much like this was actually happening.

Well, it isn’t. ZDNet (via UberGizmo) comes with word from a Lenovo communications big-wig, who said in no uncertain terms: “As you know, it is usually not Lenovo’s practice to talk about unannounced products, but in this case I will tell you that we have no plans to introduce a 23-inch tablet.”

So there you have it. The giant small-TV-sized tablet we spent at least ten minutes trying to invent amusing names for yesterday isn’t in the pipeline. Now it’s quite clear the Lenovo Hernia will never exist.


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