White iPhone 4 finally about to arrive

Darren Allan

April 14, 2011

Apple is about to start shipping the hugely delayed white version of the iPhone 4.

The snowy variant of the smartphone, which has only just beat the iPhone 5 to release – assuming that the next-gen Apple handset is coming out in June as some sources claim – is due out in the next few weeks.

Bloomberg cites three sources which have knowledge of the company’s plans. Apparently the manufacturing difficulties included the white paint job peeling under the heat emitted by the handset.

Reuters claims two sources are saying that the white iPhone 4 will be launched within the next month. So if we don’t see it by the end of April, it won’t be long into May before the white wonder pitches up.

The question remains, is anyone still waiting for the white iPhone 4? And wouldn’t it be sensible to hang on for the iPhone 5 now. Unless number five is delayed until later this year, as some reports have speculated.

In which case the pale iPhone 4 might be the only fresh thing we see in the way of Apple smartphones for quite some time…


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