Battlefield 3 Facebook campaign: 1 million Likes for new trailer

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Battlefield 3 is engaging in a bit of social marketing with its next upcoming trailer.

The major piece of film, which is 12 minutes long (and comes in a second version with a producer’s commentary), is up on the Battlefield Facebook page – but locked.

To unlock the vid, Battlefield 3 fans have got to Like the page, and when a million likes have been reached, the explosive footage becomes available. Currently 750,000 likes have been registered, so we’re three-quarters of the way there.

Although the trailer comes out tomorrow anyway, we’re betting it will be unlocked later today. The Battlefield Facebook page is here, should you wish to register your vote to see the video a day early.

Battlefield 3 looks graphically awesome, certainly on the PC anyway – providing your rig is up to all the details, no doubt. On the consoles, folks are a bit more worried about how the game will translate visually, but DICE is promising good things on these platforms too.

We can’t wait. Battlefield 3 will be out in the autumn, whereupon it will be waging war with the latest in the Call of Duty franchise.

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