iPhone 5 with faster processor due September

Darren Allan

April 20, 2011

More iPhone rumours for you, as the uncertainty and speculation over Apple’s next smartphone continues.

Previously we’ve heard that it might be out in June, or that it might be delayed until nearer the end of the year, or even 2012 in the case of one report.

Reuters is now citing three sources who reckon they have the truth of the matter – we’re looking at a September launch, with production cranking up in July.

The anonymous sources said that the new model would look pretty much the same as the iPhone 4, but would have a faster processor. It doesn’t sound like there’ll be a huge difference, then… although we at least hope Apple tinkers with the antenna design this time round.

Last year, early summer seemed a pretty concrete bet for the next-gen iPhone, as much as April did for the iPad 2. In fact the iPad sequel launched in March, but it’s looking increasingly like the next Apple smartphone’s release is sliding in the other direction, to the autumn.

The next iPhone milestone is the launch of the white iPhone 4 (finally), which is expected very soon, possibly next week.


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