Tablet market to sky-rocket to $49 billion by 2015

Darren Allan

April 20, 2011

The tablet market is big business, that much is clear, and analysts are certain that in a few years time, the explosive growth we’re seeing now will have continued.

Particularly when tablets really come down to a more mainstream price level – some new offerings are already pitched at a more reasonable looking £300 (and indeed some older offerings, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, have been reduced to this level).

The latest guess-timation from Strategy Analytics, as reported by the Tech Herald, claims that in 2015 the tablet market will be worth $49 billion. That will put it third in terms of the biggest selling consumer electronic product, behind only the PC and TV.

The report indicates sales will increase eightfold by 2015, with 149 million units shifted. Of course, the really interesting question is whether a majority of them will still be the iPad.

Currently a whole slew of Android tablets are bursting forth, although there are non-Google systems too, such as the BlackBerry PlayBook (running QNX) which launched yesterday in the States.

The 149 million estimate from Strategy Analytics is actually quite conservative compared to the figure plucked from the Gartner hat for 2015. The latter reckons double that amount will fly off the shelves, 295 million.

You can almost hear the collective hands of the Apple board rubbing together from here.


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