More Nintendo Wii 2 gossip, E3 reveal on the cards

Darren Allan

April 24, 2011

There’s been a load more speculation floating around this week regarding the sequel to Nintendo’s Wii console.

Shigeru Miyamoto has already let some more details slip about the forthcoming Super Mario 3DS, which will be out this year, and now he’s also dropped hints about the Wii 2 to Edge (via CVG).

When pressed for details of when the Wii 2 would be launched, Miyamoto said: “Don’t ask! Even when the Wii launched we were developing new hardware, work on 3DS had already started. It’s a matter of when we announce it.”

So clearly work is well underway, and Edge probed for whether an E3 reveal was on the cards for the next-gen console. “Please wait. Be patient until we decide,” was the response.

A somewhat guarded statement, naturally, but one which makes it sound like showing off the new hardware at E3 is Nintendo’s target, if they can ready it in time.

Further details of the spec of the upcoming console have also been doing the rounds. We’re looking at a triple-core IBM PowerPC processor and an ATI R700 graphics solution, with Nintendo looking to bring serious HD visuals and triple-A titles to the system (as opposed to the more casual gaming focus of the Wii itself).

What’s more the controller will apparently have its own HD touchscreen built in, a big one too, perhaps 6 inches in size some sources have claimed. This would certainly bring a new dimension to local multiplayer, with each player having their own screen the others can’t see.

The controller is also rumoured to be bedecked with twin analogue sticks and a camera, the latter of which starts to make it sound more like a handheld in itself.

Hopefully all will be revealed in just over a month, when the E3 circus comes to Los Angeles.


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  1. Satan says:

    I dont think Nintendo will put out any information about the next system at E3.

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