Nintendo Wii 2 confirmed for next year

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

After several months of rumours flying around, Nintendo has officially confirmed that the sequel to the Wii console will be out in 2012.

And according to a report on ABC News, as we’d already anticipated the new console will be shown off at E3 in June. Indeed, there will be a “playable” model present.

Although the company didn’t reveal anything else or any solid details about what we can expect from the machine.

Some sources have reported the Wii 2 will be much heavier on the hardware side, sporting a triple-core processor and the graphical grunt to bring HD visuals to the world of Nintendo. Although others argue the firm will stick to its gameplay-over-graphics guns.

There’s also been much speculation about the controller having a 6 inch touchscreen built-in. Nintendo clearly needs to pull something out of the bag in terms of innovation, as Wii sales have fallen considerably in recent times, with both Sony and Microsoft producing their own motion controllers for the PS3 and Xbox.

We’ll find out exactly what’s in store in just over six weeks time when E3 begins. New consoles aren’t expected from either MS or Sony for quite some time yet – indeed Microsoft saw Kinect as a refresh for the Xbox in itself.

So if Nintendo has designed something impressive, they could be in for a storming time with sales come next year.

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