Windows 7: How to find information about your system

Jeff Ferdinand -

Windows 7 is full of useful and convenient features. One of the most important is one that you may not be aware of.  

  • System Information 

It is important to know what your system has especially if you are calling someone for help, because you can bet they are going to ask you for the information. Here is an easy way to find it. 

Every Windows release has had multiple ways to get to anything. I will be showing you a couple of different ways, the first is longer so if you are in a hurry go to the last point. 

Step 1: Click the “Start” button.

Step 2: Click “Performance Information and Tools”.

Step 3: Click “Advanced tools”.

Step 4:  Click “View advanced system details in System Information”.

Step 5: Now you should see a Window like the one below with the plus signs clicked so you can see the expanded categories.. This has all sorts of useful information. Feel free to take a look at what is there. Check things out. Anything you aren’t sure about, use your favorite search engine to find out exactly what it is.

Quick Step: Here is the alternate path that I promised you. Just click that start button again. Then in the Window that comes up, down there on the bottom left, type in “System Information”. You will find that you won’t even have to type the whole thing in and you will see it pop up as a possible choice at the top of that Window. You can either hit “Enter” if system information is highlighted or just click on it and you will go directly to it. Convenient!

Quick Step

That’s it for this tutorial. Short and sweet but quite useful.

Feel free to ask questions!

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