JANET 3G announced for mobile learning

Brian Turner

April 26, 2011

Learning and research on the move has just become much easier as JANET(UK) is pleased to announce the launch of its new high capacity data service for education institutions and research organisations, JANET 3G.

The service, available from June 2011, will be provided by aql, and powered by the Three 3G mobile data network.

JANET 3G, allows academic and support staff to remotely access vital resources such as research data, virtual learning environments and library catalogues whilst on the move.

With over 60 enquiries already received in the first week of its launch, from both universities and colleges, the appetite for this new service is evident.

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey said: “I am delighted that the education sector is putting in place plans to provide wireless broadband for the academic community. This is a really exciting development and will help us achieve our goal of having the best broadband in Europe by 2015.”

JANET 3G has been developed to provide a range of 3G data packages that combine value-for-money with features specifically configured for the education sector. It is designed to be easy to deploy, helping organisations to make the most of their existing investment in wireless networking.

Offering seamless integration with the international roaming service, eduroam1, their existing authentication mechanism can be used for mobile users, making security configuration much simpler. By enabling the use of an organisation’s existing IP addresses, JANET 3G also makes firewall configuration much easier.

“JANET 3G is a perfect example of our ability to respond to meet the needs of education and research,” says Tim Marshall, CEO at JANET(UK). “Increasingly academic and support staff are working on the move and we are delighted to respond to this by providing high quality connectivity both on and off campus.”

Educational organisations are offered a wide selection of price plans enabling them to precisely match their users’ needs whilst keeping control over costs. Data packages available range from low usage machine-to-machine plans to genuine 15Gb data allowances for demanding users, providing a real breadth of choice.

Customers are able to choose either to use a press-out SIM card useable with the iPad and tablet family; to add a dongle for individual users; or to create a Wi-Fi hub for up to five users with a Mi-Fi device.

Dr Adam Beaumont, Managing Director of aql, states , “This is a partnership where we have taken best of breed to create a unique product. aql is bringing together MDS, providing a scaleable billing solution and Three, offering high capacity network access, on one platform to provide a seamless service.”

He continues, “In order to be able to provide a service to education and research, we need to be scaleable and cost effective. We believe we’ve achieved this and are keen to be rolling out JANET 3G to the JANET community.”


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