Portal 2 shifts more on Xbox than PS3

Darren Allan

April 26, 2011

Portal 2 has been crowned king of the UK game chart today.

Valve’s puzzle-platformer knocked Zumba Fitness off the top spot, and also bested another big new release, Mortal Kombat, to reach number one.

And the breakdown has been revealed by Chart Track, CVG reports, the rather surprising news being that the Xbox accounted for 54% of sales, with the PS3 on 35%. The remaining 11% were PC buyers – although Chart Track doesn’t count Steam sales, so the PC figures are much higher than this in reality.

The Xbox grabbing the lion’s share is surprising because the PS3 version offers cross-platform play with Steam for online multiplayer against PC owners, meaning a large and competitive player base. Valve also called the PS3 game the “best console version”.

Of course, it’s rather unfortunate for the PS3 that PSN has been down for the majority of last week, which could have caused people to think twice about buying Portal 2 straight off the bat.

Although we’re not sure how big an effect this would have had, given that you can still indulge in the single player, of course.

Alternatively, it could be fallout from the PS3 port of The Orange Box, which didn’t do Valve any great favours with Sony console players.

We’ll have to see if next week sales figures show a spike in PS3 owners purchasing.


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  1. Havok says:

    All this highlights is how idiotic gamers are. As the PS3 is the version to get.

    Not only does it have much better graphics and framerate, it includes steamworks (and hence user-gen content and free DLC), and it comes with a free copy for PC/Mac too.

    I’m guessing PS3 owners have too many other great games to be playing right now, so will pick it up at some future point.

    Must be a sad day for Xbox owners, all having to flock to anything worthwhile now.

  2. kobby says:

    no (@ 1st comment) ps3 gamers cant even play online atm which is probs why the xbox version is superior

  3. Devon says:

    I hope this will serve as a lesson to Valve that no one gives a crap about PS3.

  4. Gordon Shumway says:

    It’s probably because PSN has been offline for the best part of a week. Coming out the same week as Mortal Kombat and Socom couldn’t have helped, either.

    I was looking to get Portal 2 as well, but I’m holding off until PSN comes back online. I also agree that PS3 is the version to get, as it includes a copy of the PC game, and has cross-platform play.

    But for me now, even if I do get it on PS3, I can’t play on PS3 or PC as PSN is still offline. I’m guessing many gamers feel the same way as me, and are holding off on the purchase.

  5. Jay says:

    @ comment 1. You are truly idiotic. The frame rate on all console multi platform games are the same. To claim the ps3 version offers a higher framrate, just proves what a moron you are. Secondly, the ps3 graphics are in now way superior to the 360 version.

    Trouble is when school is out during the holidays, up pop all these stupid childish fan boy comments

  6. Shadow says:

    Well, seeing as there are more Xbox’s sold in the UK. Obviously that means more will probably buy Xbox version.

    However, if the stats showed that the Xbox version sold well even though they owned a PS3. Well, I would be amazed…

  7. Gordon Shumway says:

    I’ve seen both and I think that the graphics are very similar on both consoles. Some people say that PS3 has the edge, but the difference is minor.

    Where the PS3 version does win is the cross-platform play, free Steam copy, and Steamworks integration.

    I’m guessing the low PS3 sales could be because:
    1: PSN is down, and people won’t buy a game that isn’t fully functional (I know I’m not looking to buy any PS3 games this week. Live is working, PSN isn’t)

    2: People didn’t know about the extra functionality in the PS3 version (many reviews didn’t even mention it)

    3: The number of PS3 exclusive releases this year compared to 360. There’s more games, but only a finite amount of money in people’s wallets.

    In any case, this must be a disappointment for Sony and Valve, although it’s probably best to wait for data from outside the UK, as well as from after PSN comes back, before passing judgement.

  8. Dan says:

    I thing strong sales of mortal kombat on ps3 wont have helped portal 2 sales either due to playable kratos.

  9. Bob says:

    lol, carry on PS3 fanbois.

    Enjoy the safe feeling you will get from Sony’s security, and policy of admitting that ur credit card details have been nicked. Only 5 days late. lmao.

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