Portal 2 tops UK game chart

Darren Allan

April 26, 2011

After two weeks at the top of the UK all-format game chart, Zumba Fitness has been knocked down to number four.

The new top dog is Valve’s first-person puzzle-platformer Portal 2, which is the fifth number one of 2011 EA has had a hand in thus far (they didn’t publish the game, but distributed it).

Portal 2 beat out Mortal Kombat, with the reboot of the famous fighting franchise having to settle for the number two spot. Price promotions saw Black Ops storm back up the charts to number three, with sales up almost 250%.

Lego Star Wars III: The Clones Wars is at number five, followed by Operation Flashpoint: Red River, another new entry. FIFA 11 and Crysis 2 are at number seven and eight, with Wii Fit Plus poking its sweaty head back into the top ten at number nine.

Homefront rounds off the chart at number ten. The only other new entry was SOCOM: Special Forces, which only managed number twenty-eight (but it is PS3 only).


Comments in chronological order (3 comments)

  1. Rick, the Adventure Sphere says:

    Ahem, sorry idiots, but this game is a Valve game, EA just distribute it.

  2. Darren Allan says:

    So EA had nothing to do with the success of the game then? Right…

    But fair point, the way it was written sounded like they published it, and they just distributed, so have corrected my piece.

    I would say thanks for the correction, but as it’s phrased rather rudely, I won’t bother.

  3. Microblitz says:

    Regardless of who promoted the game and who wrote it (it’s been edited to reflect the relationship now), isn’t it nice to see a game with a truly original concept making it to the top of the charts instead of these tired old rehashed 3rd person shooting games?

    Too few investors are willing to invest cash on original games,so Valve are to be commended for comming up with this one.

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