Sony PSN fallout begins with legal rumbles and government criticism

Darren Allan

April 28, 2011

The powers-that-be and lawyers have got Sony in their sights and are beginning to squeeze the trigger over the PSN hacking incident.

Last week’s data breach involved some 77 million PSN users, and to say it was a major security lapse would be something of an understatement.

The lawsuits have begun, Gamasutra reports, with a federal class action suit filed against SCEA in a California district court.

The lawsuit, on behalf of Kristopher Johns and other PSN members, levels an accusation of “failure to maintain adequate computer data security of consumer personal data and financial data”.

The suit alleges that Sony has undershot the legal security requirements for the protection of customer data, and has violated the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard by not protecting customers’ credit card details sufficiently.

Compensation is due, the lawyers reckon, to PSN users for the time and effort they’ve been forced to expend monitoring credit card and bank details, as well as potentially organising replacement cards.

It also notes that compensation is due for not being able to access PSN or Qriocity for the last week.

Sony is also copping flak from governments on both sides of the Altantic. In the UK, the ICO is to start an investigation into what happened, to determine whether any further action or punishment is needed if Sony has been derelict in its security duties.

What has got a lot of people’s proverbial goat is that Sony was so slow to announce the serious nature of the data breach. Indeed, a US Senator, Richard Blumenthal, has written to SCEA’s boss criticising the time taken to notify PSN users of what had happened.

Sony claimed yesterday that experts assessing the security leak didn’t fully understand the scope of the breach until the previous day, whereupon it announced the details. An unlikely sounding story.

Sony is certainly in for a rough ride for the foreseeable. The PlayStation Network isn’t expected to be brought back online until early next week.


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  1. Samuel Pounsberry says:

    I had been keeping a close eye on the PSN story since the service went down and am shocked to have only found out a couple days ago that all this personal information has been compromised (including my credit card details) this caused me to get new cards issued and check through my purchase history and now i’m worried about ID theft which IS a real concern. My bank offers a service to monitor my credit but should i be the person to front this cost or should it be Sony??? It has caused a lot of time & hassle for me personally and a lot of people will be gunning for Sony now!

  2. will says:


    this binary will fix the problem

  3. Chris says:

    FYI it is spelled organizing* haha come on, I am terrible at spelling but that is how you spell it Darren Allen!!! Also we have to wait a whole week until the network is back?!?!? are you kidding me? PSN might want to start giving away some freebies away or maybe some PSN codes to keep peoples mouth’s shut.

  4. Darren Allan says:

    Actually it can be spelt with either an “s” or a “z”….

    And my name is “Allan” :-)

    Oh, and Will, there are no 2’s in binary - so the fix probably won’t work ;-)

    And… that’s it. I expect Sony will indeed be planning something nice by the way of freebies to attempt to recompense PSN users.

  5. Lewis says:


    No its spelt “organizing” in america you retard

    “organising” is correct in the UK

    Oh wait this is a UK website not American. Well done.

  6. Brian Turner says:

    While there tends to be a general favouritism for one form or the other among British and American English, please remember that “z” or “s” in some words are both perfectly fine to use in *British* English.

  7. Mark says:

    @Will “102201002201102201210210210201212012101202210

    this binary will fix the problem”

    Go check the definition of BINARY… idiot.

  8. The Royal Corgi says:

    I’ve finally succumbed and bought an xbox. After decades with sony i’ve thrown the towel in. Ok i hate the controller and the shitty OS with $£$£$ behind every change and online move….. but no more waiting hours to connect on black ops. no more lag, i can connect to mates on one click. it really is years ahead of psn.
    such a pity because the ps3 is an awesome bit of kit.
    so you sony wankers. you really screwed the pooch on this one. guess i will be using poxy microsoft from now on…

  9. tricky dicky says:

    IM STICKING WITH PS3…. think about this scenario… sony is a japanese company whos shares are already down due to the crisis in their country… now would be the perfect time for microsoft to hack the san diego facility and finish sony off for good … then go in and buy them out… IM BOYCOTTING ALL XBOX HTC MICROSOFT MADE ITEMS once microsoft own ps3 we will pay through the nose to play online… just think about it

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