Royal wedding breaks online streaming records

Darren Allan

May 3, 2011

The dust has settled from the big day and bank holiday weekend, with only the commemorative plates, tea towels and sick bags (yes, sick bags) left to remind us of Friday’s royal wedding.

How many of the souvenir sick bags were actually used during the day itself, we’re not sure, but one thing is clear: online streaming records were shattered by the coverage of the event on the Internet.

Content delivery network Akamai reckons that the wedding broke its live streaming record, surpassing the 1.6 million concurrent live streams which was set during last year’s World Cup.

However, when it came to peaks of total page views per minute, Akamai didn’t rate it quite so highly. In those terms, it was actually the sixth most popular web event of all time, with a peak page-views-per-minute of 5.4 million.

It has also been widely reported that some 400 million viewers across the globe were estimated to have watched the ceremony on YouTube alone. When that figure is verified, it will trounce the previous record of around 70 million who tuned in for Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Both the BBC and Yahoo sites were apparently afflicted with performance issues given the heavy volumes of traffic.


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