Spotify now on iPod, takes on iTunes with music store

Darren Allan

May 4, 2011

Spotify has announced some serious new changes this morning.

For starters, the music streaming service now supports the iPod range. When you hook your iPod up to your computer, it will appear under devices in the Spotify application, so you can sync the MP3s in Spotify playlists to your Apple music player.

The second major introduction is a new music download store to attempt to take some of the wind out of the sails of iTunes.

Spotify is to introduce a system of bundles of songs, whereby the more you purchase, the more the discount. Ten tracks will cost £8, although if you splash out on a hundred songs, that’ll be discounted to £50 (50p a pop rather than 80p).

Free users are also getting something after last month’s slashing of their service down to ten hours and the imposition of a five play limit on songs.

Freemium Spotifiers will now be able to sync and play their own MP3 playlists on their iPod, iPhone or Android device. No cables are needed either as the application will sync wirelessly.

Free users won’t be able to stream from Spotify on their mobile device, mind, and it’s a concession which hardly makes up for what was recently taken away.

The theory with the previous changes to the free service, including the five play limit, is that Spotify had its arm twisted by major record labels, and was all too willing to listen as it wants to move into the US market with a subscription-only model.

The music store now popping up certainly backs up that theory, as Spotify readies itself to change up a gear to a more lucrative fiscal model. Although quite how many people have abandoned the free service since the changes, and how that has affected ad revenue, remains a potential fly in the streaming ointment.

However, these are certainly all welcome additions and they’re rolling out starting from today via an automatic update.


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