Apple iPhone 5 to come in standard and pro variants

Darren Allan

May 5, 2011

The latest from the iPhone 5 rumour mill is another piece of speculation which claims two different models of the next-gen smartphone will be forthcoming from Cupertino.

We’ve heard claims about a more budget friendly iPhone before, as this would give Apple ammunition with which to fight the cheaper Android handsets which are currently gobbling up the lower end of the smartphone market.

And according to a source cited by the iPhone Download Blog, Apple will release two different iPhones this autumn (not summer), one a pro model, and one a standard version.

This is a pretty vague sounding rumour, though. Basically the source, an employee of a company which supplies parts for Apple, has noticed that the company is ordering components of a similar function, but some of them are of a much higher quality. Leading him (or her) to the conclusion that one iPhone handset will be a pro model.

Although those similar yet higher grade components could just be for a different device, perhaps the next iPod Touch as well as the iPhone.

All in all, this one seems to be very much shooting in the dark, and we’d take it with a road gritter-sized portion of salt.


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