Google Chrome Canary comes to the Mac

Darren Allan

May 5, 2011

Mac users who like to play with experimental stuff have previously been unable to access Google’s completely untested Chrome builds.

For Google Chrome Canary was only available on Windows, but now times-they-are-a-changin’ with the release of Canary on the Mac platform.

Apparently Google wasn’t sure how many Windows users would be up for letting Canary loose on their machines initially, but it has turned out to be a number in the hundreds of thousands.

So the team is now expanding that reach to the Mac, with Canary following the same philosophy as under Windows. It automatically updates frequently with no manual testing before release, and as a result can be prone to being unstable or even unusable.

So the best idea is to run it in parallel with a beta or stable version of Chrome. You can sync up both versions for a minimum of fuss when it comes to bookmarks, extensions and so forth.

Whether Canary will also flutter across onto Linux at some point in the future isn’t certain, but it would make sense.


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