LG Optimus Black to descend on UK next week

Darren Allan

May 6, 2011

LG unveiled the Optimus Black back at the start of January.

The month after, T-Mobile announced that it would be on sale in March, but the handset failed to materialise.

The word from LG is that the Black will finally darken our doors next week, although it isn’t certain which other networks will carry it aside from T-Mobile. We would think partner Orange will, and quite possibly the other majors will probably end up stocking the LG blower.

During its launch event, the handset was declared the world’s brightest smartphone, with a display rated at 700 nits; double the average smartphone. But still far less than the average school kid.

LG also made a fuss about the fact that it was 1mm slimmer than the iPhone, so it’s a pretty svelte smartphone.

Other specs include a 4 inch touchscreen, a 5 megapixel camera plus a 2 megapixel front-facer, along with a 1GHz processor (but not a dual-core like its Optimus brother the speedy 2X).

Disappointingly, it’ll run Android 2.2, but an upgrade to Gingerbread is promised.


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