Sony confirms PSN won’t be back this weekend

Darren Allan

May 7, 2011

Sony has posted another update on the PlayStation blog regarding when PSN is coming back online.

The company had previously promised core services were coming back this week, but as we (and many others) guessed yesterday, this isn’t going to happen.

Patrick Seybold, Senior Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media, wrote: “When we held the press conference in Japan last week, based on what we knew, we expected to have the services online within a week. We were unaware of the extent of the attack on Sony Online Entertainment servers, and we are taking this opportunity to conduct further testing of the incredibly complex system.”

He stressed that confirming the security of the network was vital, and “additional comprehensive system checks” were still required.

The post ended with no firm ETA once again, just an apology and a note that Sony is doing everything it can. We’d imagine the network will definitely be up and running at some stage next week. Probably.

PSN has been down for almost three weeks, coming on for a month, now. That’s a lot of unhappy Mortal Kombat, Portal 2 and SOCOM PS3 players who haven’t been able to try their games online yet.


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  1. killer says:

    wtf omg f*** sony

  2. yaaaarrrrrrrrrrr says:

    useless f*****g sony. stop saying its gonna be online untill its 100% defo you mugs

  3. haskdfhs says:

    F*** YOU SONY!!!!!!! I thought the day would never come, but im gonna have to turn to xbox!…again f*** you!

  4. potsy says:

    All i hear is broken promises, Sony needs to stop lying about when the psn is coming back. STEP YOUR GAME UP SONY!!

  5. getintired says:

    this is unacceptable Sony, just unacceptable!!

  6. PSN!! says:

    Stop making promises you can’t keep Sony!! it’s the end of the week and the PSN is still not up!!

  7. PSN_user says:

    If the network isn’t up by next week, I BETTER GET A PS4!!

  8. hackedpsn says:

    What a joke all we’re going to get is a free 30day subscription… lies, lies and lies they can’t even tell their customers when it will be back online. Ok i hate hackers and if u are 1 of those cod hackers i really hate because now u pricks no what it feels but this is woeful customer service

  9. Mikey says:

    Erm everyone chill? They’re trying best they can and in all honesty there is more to life than console gaming guys so just go out and have fun…… Yu may like real ppl?

  10. treadstone says:

    Why the f**k make suggestions when it will be back and then announce (after 2 weeks) “we didnt know the extent of the intrusion”. Utter f***kin crap and no idea. Im no fanboy, I got a 360 aswell, I just prefer ths PS3. If the brass at Sony are making announcements why the f**k is the last official announcement via the xmb 1May?. “we are working round the clock” they say ….

  11. bloode hell sony says:


  12. KMFT says:

    you know what i didnt mind sony being down. the situation is one of those things if it happend they’ve obviously got to fix it. so it being down didnt really bother me, but all of these bullshit ‘back online’ date are starting to irritate me, i reckon they only say ‘it will be back on….’ just to shut the public up for a couple of days. they better give us more than just a month of shitty playstation plus i couldnt care less if i had that or not, but after all this bullshit im expecting more than playstation plus, something like £100 in ma playstation store wallet that will f***ing please me DAMN IT. playstation plus wtf? if i wanted it i would of payed for it when it came out… what a damn joke.

    yours sincerely pissed customer

  13. darkblade462 says:

    Stop saying ur gona turn to XBOX before im sure all u people out there who play on PS3 said shitty xbox im never gona play on it its crap are now deciding to switch… why? just wait a few days play campaign on ur games or whatever…

  14. treadstone says:

    MIKEY *** I do go out just as much as gaming so…ERM Screw You

  15. Andy Heseltine says:

    I never thought the day would come when I’m actually thinking about buying an x box. Sony this is completely unacceptable, okay it’s not your fault you was hacked but you can’t even be bothered to keep up up to date with what’s going on. As for 1 month subscription ask us which I would rather have, the network down for a month or a subscription and the answer would be the later. so I think it’s a very poor 2 nd best, who ever came up with this idea you need to sack them because no one is happy with it. Youre going to end up pissing off so many gamers that I would stop work on the 4 cause everyone will buy the next generation x box.

    Yours one really pissed off customer

    A Heseltine

  16. dutty says:

    sony , it’s been too long and i woke today which is the 7th of may and we get further set backs and no time scale we all know the hassle u have had to face ,we are all with you on it .But as its going on your making your ps3 customers are getting frustrated due to the speeeches that are as long as this outage wrong on you sony for not being straight with us . You could have just said its a major attack on ps3 and us users its going to be down for two months plus .As i am aware it might be longer it’s been the biggest cyber attack in history ….. but i aint fooled easily with a possible 3rd attack on soe i think your now trying to flog a dead horse . ??? IF THIS THIRD ATTACK HAPPENS ITS R*I*P SONY - So looking at it the way i am ? I think we all should be thiking along the lines that sony is destinned to die … to rebuiild a brand new system right takes at least 6 months plus if not years … so why the lies were being given …If they bring the new system back early it would be a premature move on sonys behalf …. Also learnt that sony knew about this threat way before it happened … Which is sad using out dated software to open the gates to these hackers ….. Which i hope sony can over come this massive hiccup ??AS they are the best for the gaming enterprise … HACKERS GO AND SCREW …. I WOULD ALSO LIKE THEM TO LEAVE OUR SONY ALONE !!!!!! GO and hack xbox if you think your that clever (NOT)

  17. treadstone says:

    darkblade - wait a few DAYS Try Weeks At least xbox does have a network that actually does work

  18. Your_Face says:

    What the bloody hell are Sony doing? Having a shit and shoving it in the PlayStation Network plug hole or something! They need to sort the bloody Network out! This is absolutely ridiculous!

  19. flexedblaze says:

    yo sony , i will stick with you watsoever coz i hate xbox and dislike wii.
    but u have to stop this nonsense…u said it would be up for monday..then okay at the end of the week…now u say i cant play BO on the weekend,man that sucks…get ur stuff together and tell us when it will definately be back on…or else!!! just kiddn….keep it real psn is flexedblaze by the way pploh yea and its cool how they r givin free games…aparently you cn select 2 out of 5 games for freeeeeeee.
    which made me feel slightly better….and everybody….dnt go buying xbox coz ps3 had a bit of a down….ps3 rocks

  20. bob says:

    this is a pile of utter shit at this rate it wont ever come back online i payed 400 quid for one of the main services to not work pile of utter bull shit

  21. Fiona says:

    (Mikey) I don’t think its so much the fact that people cant get online that there so angry..

    Its all the broken promises Sony have been making about when they are getting the PSN back online..

    Even above, its quoted ‘We were unaware of the extent of the attack’ so they really shouldn’t have got peoples hopes up without fully knowing themselves..

    I personally love my ps3 (with or without PSN) and have no intention of selling it, i am no ‘fanboy’ er girl either..

    Sony are doing the best they can with a bad situation but the broken promises Sony are making regarding PSN is starting to grate on me a little and i can sure understand peoples anger :/

  22. Kinsoku Jiko says:

    Hahahahaha, the comments on this page are hilarous. Sony are working there arses off right now, they’re in a lot of trouble. It’s nice to see loyal customers being supportive.

  23. corsag19 says:

    Dear Sony,
    I am now sick of going to bed before midnight and getting up at the crack of dawn. I want to go back to the good old days where i kicked my friends arse’s at Black Ops, desperately tryed to fit an hour of game time in inbetween work and shopping etc and telling myself at 2am that ‘ill just have one more game’ before finally logging off at 4am!

    Please pull your fingers out of your arses and sort this out! I dont like the xbox controller :( but i will learn to use it!!!!


  24. Adeel AHmed says:

    Sony WHY!!!!???

  25. Tektile says:

    Wow people, REALLY not Sonys fault it’s not back up though is it? :l

    Anyone here ever actually worked on a player database this large before?

    Thought not.

    Move to the 360. It’s not as if they ever f****d players over.
    *Cough* Red ring of death *Cough*

    At least the PSN being down doesn’t f*** your console up.

  26. Liam coe says:

    Sony your a f****g Piss take, I’m moving to 360 you can f***off!

  27. Peelioka says:

    This is really starting to take the piss, nearly three weeks now. I’m a casual gamer so I’m not prepared to go out and buy a 360 for £200 but I do like to game on the weekends to relax. I really don’t care if my details are stolen, I put false details in anyway, and I don’t leave stuff like credit card info in the system so why can’t I play online, these hackers can’t do anything to me.

  28. Harold Saxon says:

    All you f*****g moaners shut the f*** up!!!!! Good glad it isnt coming back this weekend let sony improve psn first Rather wait. Then have it rushed and hacked again. Sony are doing all they can idiots.

  29. jordan says:

    I think Sony are handling this as well as they can. I’m learning coding my self, and I’m guessing Psn is very complicated, and whats the point of sony bringing the psn back without thorough testing if its just going to be hacked again a few hours later? Also i have heard that Sony is receiving threats from other hackers as well, so they really do need to increase their security.

  30. David says:

    What I think Sony is doing here is putting these updates out about when they are going to be back up to keep people from switching to XBOX. That is the way it seems to me. The first update is 1 to 2 days. Then they say in one update they will be back up a week from 2 days ago that would have been Tuesday May 3rd, and everyone is starting to calm down only another 4-5 days that is not bad I can handle that. Then they say sorry but it will be back up by weeks end so once again people say only a couple more days, thats no so bad. Now not till more testing. But I thought I read some where that said Monday or Tuesday. We are being played for suckers here big time. If it is only a day or 2 each time they are trying to get people to stay with them and not leave for XBOX. Give us a date already GEEEEEZZ!!! If you have people working in your IT department that can get this up and running I think it is either time to get people in that have the know how and skills needed or close up shop. I have been a loyal customer for years to you and this is the way I am being treated now.

    @Tektile are you out of your mind. This is Sonys fault 672% for having lax security on there systems. There are reports out that say they need to upgrade there security and the ignored the people telling them this.

    This is going to be a big Black eye for Sony for a lot of years to come. I know I will not be getting the S1 or S2 tablet when it comes out. I would have loved to but this has put a bad taste in my mouth.

  31. Ali IShak says:

    f u c k s o n y i m d o n e

  32. Stormtrooper says:

    Oh come on people. What did you do before you could play games online?
    Why not get your mates together and play tournaments, like the good old days of PS2? Get some beers, pizza make a day of it. Just stop bloody moaning. PSN will be back at some point, its not the end of the World and no amount of “WTF’s” or “OMG’s” is going to make any difference. So put up, shut up and grow up!

  33. Dan says:

    It’s hilarious watching all the kiddies getting angry because they can’t play their call of duty. To all the people commenting about moving to Xbox…please do. We don’t want you spoilt brats on PS3 when it comes back online.

  34. banner says:

    Dear Sony, my ps3 is now on ebay, I’ve washed my hands of you i wont be buying a s***y x box either i’m just giving up on computer games. I’ve got so many things done since you turned it off, your security should have been so much better in the first place. Oh and i wont be buying anything Sony ever agian, bye bye Sony lot’s of luck for the future NOT.

  35. treadstone says:

    * Tektile * You would *COUGH* if you were being taken up the arse like we feel we are by sony. A shafted network is one thing…..fobbing off customers with hollow statements is another. And another thing you twat…you forgot to mention the PS3 YLOD ..seeing as you mentioned consoles nuking themselves.

  36. boss man says:

    sony take the piss with out u gamers u would not be nothing we have all sat back and waited for nearly 3weeks now and still they fob us off with bullshit hope that it will be back this week but that wot we was told last week sony are losing custom fast and dont seem to give a fuck get your fingers out ur ass and fix it………………..

  37. GTAIVgunner says:

    Im Losing Money On Challenge lobbies Hurry Up….

  38. Josh says:

    I think sony are doing the best they can to get it back online quickly, they know better than anyone the consequences of it being down for any longer than it has to be. I’m guessing its no easy task to rebuild the entire system again. If they don’t take their time to make sure security is as good as it can be then it’ll just happen again. Plus it’s not as though people can’t use their PS3 for anything! People just need to be a little more patient. No-one should complain if its down for a month as long as when its back up it stays up and it won’t happen again, i think eyeryone would rather wait as long as it doesn’t happen again, no use them bringing it online now for someone else to hack it strait away.

  39. bartek says:

    is that right , they have to check before start everything , i understand this but im so angry for this i need play online becouse im don use ps3 for nothing els

  40. bonjonbonbon says:

    Bought a playstation 3 because A more reliable than xbox and b get more for money. However since the jailbreak codes were released ps3 has been a complete let down and for two weeks has been nothing but a blu-ray,(as lets face it after online gaming most offline games feel boring and restrictive).

    There is a big concern here as any hacker in the system can hide undetected for as long as they like, unless the current systems are completely abandoned. Without an entire rebuild that could literally take months it is likely that the system will be still exposed to hacking at any given point.
    Its hard to see how Sony or any online gaming provider can avoid hackers for ever.

  41. Anonymous69 says:

    What a fucking joke, i’m sure this is the third time i’ve heard ‘it will be back within a week’

    Sony is digging there own grave, with all the lies…then to top it off we get some free 30 day subscription which will alow us to what…SPEND MORE MONEY.

    Yeah fucking right.

    New xbox comes out, i’m getting it instead of ps4 or whatever the fuck they decide to release.

    Pathetic on sony’s behalf. If they said a month at the beggining. Understandable. Not oh it will be back in 2 days, oh another week, oh sorry another week, oh sorry another week.

  42. hussey says:


  43. tom says:

    i bet x box users dnt av to put up with this shit, i bet there security is better and more up to date.

  44. bartek says:

    will by allways 2 days , and they switch network on next fu…n year, i will sell that shit is well but now price of ps3 is going down and i just lost on this fu…in purchase , i dont like x-box but sony is not a good and responsible company , they rich and they think can do everything ,this is like a goverment so allwyas will take the pis and making people stupid

  45. UKRAVER says:

    Wellll….. this whole situation is fucked up really enit? lol, i say fairplay to the geeza who hacked it (unless he stole money from me the wanker haha) because think about it 77 million peoples credit card info and shit, all he’d have to do is take a single £/$/€ from each account and he’s then got £77 million the dodgey little fucka haha wish i had the brains to hack a multi trillion £ company !

  46. Marty says:

    SONY HAS PISSED ME OFF FOR THE LAST TIME!! all i want is online gaming, they promised this weekend but delayed it, gonna sell my PS3 for 360 today,, they’re losing alot of customers if they keep doing this….

  47. taki says:

    seriously speaking, sony? ur network engineers are f*** heads n pls don’t make any commitment now to users. it seems ur company is selling lollypop in tube station.

  48. afroman-1 says:

    igh yis fuckin virgins go out and get a mot or sumtin igh

  49. Chris says:

    Pissed off come on to f*ck Sony. -_- of all this sh*t now.

  50. Baker says:

    This article just sold my ps3!! Getting a xbox today, I’m not staying with a company I can’t trust! Burn in hell Sony!!!

  51. darkice says:

    omg your all retarted sony never said this that its going to be down all weekend look all other the internet this site is lying

  52. lSparto says:

    You know what’s funny, all of you who think Sony actually read this why don’t you all chill go outside and stay outside and never look at Xbox Or PS3 again this just shows you have no life and do not have the patience Sony is asking for, you would have no idea what the f**k to do in a situation like this and would probably be getting death threats from people like you lot who are obviously spoilt little brats.

  53. St93 says:

    Going xbox shoppin in a few I cant deal with lies….all this it might be back on in “the coming days” fuck that all they care about is their new tablets thats coming out

  54. Leigh-Anne says:

    Great news on the testings in process today. But Sony still hasn’t answered the all important question! …when will is be working? lol. It’s ridiculous really. It’s taken so long and we’re starting to think that Sony has never had the staff who specialize in this sort of stuff, they’re un-prepared as well as vacancies on-line from Sony asking for Network Security Officers to be apart of their team, which has made me as well as over 77million on-line users feel un-safe. Sony, you’re one of the biggest communicating networks worldwide and you’ve got vacancies on-line to employ Security Officers, why didn’t you have the staff before? This level of Security Breach could have been avoided. And another thing! ..what makes Sony think that the hackers (if they strike again) will not just wait until PSN is working properly again? Will you be 100%prepared for it? (As lets face it, this outage has completely through you all over) The testings will go perfect today ..because the hackers as well as us know Sony are just testing! How are they going to manage another Breach? It’s inevitable that it will happen sometime in the future, whether it be 6weeks, or 6years, there will be a breach and will Sony be prepared for it?

    Sony already lost, (estimated) 6% worldwide customers this time which Microsoft are loving by the way! People would rather pay money to access on-line play etc… than feel like their communications around the world have completely come to a stand-still! Not to mention all of our information (e.g. addresses, email accounts, passwords ..BANK DETAILS) are now in the hands of people we don’t know who will abuse the information they’ve collected.

    It’s pretty serious, so we appreciate the work and the ‘testing’ in place today but, why has it taken so long and we haven’t had any straight answers from Sony since the outage happened. UN-prepared and extremely un-safe as well as being under staffed! A multi billionaire franchise and they were under staffed! lol, that’s a joke. Lets just hope nothing like this happens again, else they’ll be losing a hell of a lot more than (roughly) 6% worldwide customers. So anybody actually know how long this ‘testing’ is going to last for this time? I am really tired of being told ..1 to 2 days maximum! ..then, a little over a week, 2 weeks maximum! ..then, by the 4th! ..It’s now the 7th and was promised this weekend! And ..what a surprise ..Nothing as yet and now wont be until next week.

    Sony please stop giving us false information for when PSN will be working for your customers. It’s a huge fcuking let-down! Just give us ONE date ..that’s all we’re asking, we’re more frustrated on the basis of being told false information.

    Ugh …End of rant.

  55. mick says:

    well ill still be with sony but come on plz fix it faster xbox is bad so is wii

  56. Big T says:

    ive bought fuck loads of games just recently and they no point playin coz the shiity PSN …………….THEY BEST SORT US OUT OR THEY ARE GONNA GET SHUT DOWN BY THE XBOX TAKEOVER

  57. ash says:

    hurry the fuck up sony am dying to play black ops when is it gonna be back am dying to play am dying to play am dying to play am dying to play with my g11 and camp to the max. Sony should give me gold g11 for making the don wait this fucking long. Sony get u hand out of ur pants and get tht fucking network fix cos am dying to play.

  58. ash says:

    guess what am back get that network fix sony am still dying to play brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  59. James says:

    This is downright unacceptable! I havn’t been able to play GTA IV for weeks now, and i had only just purchased it. If this bloody mess doesn’t get sorted, i won’t bother buying any more games! CLEAR UP SONY!

  60. supersonic_flash says:

    I decided on a ps3 instead of xbox 360 because I wanted blu ray - financial decision - against my better judgement on previous sony experience (I have avoided sony products for the last 4 years) and this is the final straw. 25% of the time i have has a ps3 it has been offline. Sony customer service is pathetic and I won’t ever buy sony products again! If the hack is so complex then sony are incompetent!!!!!!

  61. Darryl says:

    I hope its back before Brink comes out on Tuesday if not there’s another $60 Sony isn’t getting from me, I already postponed Portal 2 till it comes back on. I don’t really care if PSN is down just wish Sony could give us a definite date when it will be back up. What does SOE have to do with PSN they are 2 completely different servers, SOE will probably be fixed before PSN because ppl pay monthly for that service.

  62. Mikey says:

    (21) not with a lot of these ppl who are pathetic but I’m glad yu didn’t swear at me like a mindless moron so I respect yur opinion mate and fair enough they’re digging a deeper grave but I think that ppl should just chill and get it together it’s just a few weeks offline no biggy guys

  63. mcmimi says:

    ure DEAD SONY PS3.
    the war has just begun.

    i DO recomend u no longer wait :D:D:D

  64. ArMoR says:

    Sony Have already lost 40% of their PSN users to Xbox, if they dont get the network up very very soon theyr going to loose alot more.
    People have been going crazy over the fact that its down, if sony dont do something soon theyre going to crash :/

  65. Dave says:

    Okay this IS NOT f***ing okay Sony…….Having PSN down has been the biggest cataclysm since Obama was elected and I can’t take it anymore…Your stupid enough to get hacked and then wait one month before you can fix it just to give us some ****y compensation….. Nice… great f***ing work. Ima go buy an xbox and cancel my F***ING SUBSCRIPTION!!!!!

  66. John Bain says:

    C’mon SOE I would like to get some major Content out on my Youtube channel (Totalhalibut) and you are putting me behind Bloody scedule. Please do you’re best in resolving this “issue”.

  67. John Bain says:


  68. Simon Lane says:

    John I didn’t know you were on here! How are you?
    Oh and SOE sucks.

  69. Dave says:

    All you people out there…that say chill out cool down……….F..k you …your not true ps3 gamer.s…….or you’d be just as mad as us The real ps3 online gamers….You say Sony’s not to blame…what are you bloody idiot’s or something!!!…of cause Sony’s to Blame you know that and so Do they…no one want’s to leave ps3 and go to xbox…but the true ps3 gamer’s live to play onine…..we miss the gaming the friends we’ve made..the people we’ve got to know…. its just a whole new way of chilling out….it ‘s like having your moblie taken for you because of something someone else did….Yes where all angry about the lie’s Sony are telling us…it’s all know that… I know that… and they know that….by keep leading us on…. about when the psn will be back online .. and its keeping us at the ps3 box…. waiting and waiting and waiting day after day…because they said this week week ..this weekend by the end of the week… this weekend for sure…oh no maybe next week… 3 weeks ago if the said this week I would have tried to do somethig else to keep my self busy for 3 weeks…but no they didn’t tell us so we waited by our ps3 box day after day week after week ……….Thats my friends is why I’m so f…ing… mad…ok so Don’t tell us to chill out…………

  70. Dave G says:


  71. Dave G says:

    THAT’S NO 65

  72. Shadow says:

    Just play on your Xbox whilst its down :P

  73. HumanCentiPad says:

    These comments sound like something out of an episode of South Park….. Kept me laughing for hours!

  74. MANURGAY says:

    xbox get a life at least ps3 dont lag out every game u play online even though ps3 r breakin broken promises.

    im goin to wii


  75. dhaminater says:

    this is rubbish the only reason ure lying about the dates it is coming on so people wont get an xbox ure just gonna keep adding days i bet it wont come back untill the end of the month. we shud either get money or some money to spend in ps store.

  76. EmmyBomb says:

    Fuck sake! How many fuckin times have we heard all this, “It`ll be back in a week!” shite? I want PSN! Sony should also make promises they can actually keep!

  77. emmy bomb says: ps3

  78. Cartman says:

    Sony you could at least have worn lipstick before you **** me

  79. bartek says:

    is dont come back , i spoke with sony today and thay told me is over they bankrupt now and close the business, sorry lads

  80. stephen says:

    just give us a DATE for the psn is going to bk online plz

  81. Andrew Mazzeo says:

    If Psn is not up by next Saturday I’m trading in my Ps3 For an Xbox End of story!

  82. C.H3SFORD1997 says:


  83. C.H3SFORD1997 says:


  84. Punisher says:

    F*** SONY literally.

    I hope Anonymous Hackers will f*** your ass, actually im gonna donate 100$ for them, and i hope everyone will do donate until they fucking shut down.

    we need to boycott SONY, and all its products, every gamer will understand what i’m talking about…

    I’m going to make a new website specialized for Boycotting SONY products, i hope everyone support.

  85. ps3 is gay says:

    WTF sony stop ballshiting and give us no more lies i’m thinking of getting an xbox “XBOX” and romours going round saying 30 days free playstation plus “ballshit” dont make promises if you cant keep them.

    yours sincerly pissed customer

  86. bartek says:

    sony posted new information on blog , i thing they have a big problem , nervouse for everyone , if you wona go to xbox den go , dont make a problem any way everyone what say going to xbox when PSN come back you will come is well, so dont mees and give them to do that , this is busines they dont give ff..c for us just our money ,

  87. I.L.D says:

    I can’t believe the amount of people going crazy because of no online for a few weeks, it’s laughable just how pathetic and mindless some people are these days. Find something else to do! There’s a whole wold outside of your bedroom surely theres something better to do out there while PSN is down than to bitch about PSN being down. JUST GET OUT MORE!

  88. Drew says:

    Get a F****** grip you bunch of whiners. Its a free service anyway, expect some downtime. It doesnt seem to matter whether its down for one day or more, some people always act as if its only them that cant sign in. and to quote mikey from an earlier post “Get out more, you never know, you might enjoy real people” made me chuckle, and hes right you know, there is more to life than online gaming.

  89. weezy9572 says:

    all u fkin idiots btchin bout it still bein down an ur gonna go buy an xbox u go do that and then a few days after u do it will be back and u will feel dumb!! im sure sony doesnt like losing millions of dollars and i have faith they are doing everything they can…all u people need to shut the fk up

  90. Clint says:

    I seriously wouldnt doubt that everyone whining about the downtime has no life outside of their parents basement. No friends, no girlfriend (because this definitely has to be mainly guys whining) unless you swing the other way. But noones judging. Anyways, chill out. Put it this way, it probably took years for sony to build this network up for playstation. All the planning, the programming, debugging. Now they pretty much have rebuild the entire infrastructure from the ground up. But they dont have years this time. They are trying everything they can, and im sure the stress that all these whiners are putting them through is not helping them concentrate. Seriously, chill out and give them your support if you call yourself “loyal fans”. A real fan is going to stick by them no matter what. Do you just automatically hate your favorite baseball, basketball, football team just because of a few bad games or a bad season and then start cheering for another team? Doubt it! Reality check people, shit happens, deal with it!

  91. Clint says:

    And im posting again because I forgot to check the follow up box. Lolroflmaomgwtf. Yea chill out people.

  92. alex says:

    lmao its funny how so many of you are all mad sayin your gonna switch to xbox…and others say they go out just as much as they play but if they really did then they wouldnt be upset about the network being down…seriously get a life and quit wacking off to animated gurls and meet a real one….just sayin

  93. BJackson85 says:

    Not being funny, but to all the people who say It’s not Sony’s fault, think about this….If your house was to be burgled because someone else left your front door wide open who would you be most angry with? Their security was not up to it, plain and simple. I’m angry that they’ve left their server ‘door’ wide open and some c**t has my personal details now. I’m sticking with my PS3 for now as I’ve invested a lot of money in it. But as I suspect a lot of people will be doing I’ll be going Xbox for next-gen-I’m voting with my feet-not that they will be bothered I expect.

  94. Brian says:

    I agree.. yall gotta stop acting like the world blew up. this is a chance for you ppl to clean your ps3 or maybe polish your ppl GO OUTSIDE, its spring. ride a bike , smoke a j, throw a ball,get off your asses, i think this is the best thing that could of happen to sony, they finally get to see how wrapped around their finger there customers really are.

  95. kush420 says:

    I’m sorry but what has been going on is utter bull shit. it’s May 11th and still no PSN. I’m sorry but 1 month playstation plus will not satisfy me since I’ve been without online gaming for almost 2 months now and I heard it won’t be til the end of may that it will be back up. SONY WHY DON’T YOU FUKING GET A BETTER SECURITY SYSTEM FOR UR NETWORK SO FUKIN HACKERS CAN’T HACK IT. I’m also pissed that my personal info has been acquired by hackers if someone uses my info and attempts to steal my identity you’ll be hearing from me.

  96. bloody says:

    us as the ps3 users would like 2 brand new games for free and zombie map packs should be on a 25% percent discount if all agrees with me we willl win this argument

  97. CrazedGunman says:

    on top of all of this (from what i’ve heard), on the 30th of may when it “comes back” you’ll have to make a new account because they might delete every ps3 acc

    Sony: oh we’re working around the clock on it (3 years later) Sony: yeah yeah we’re still on it, it’ll be back by next week …..!!!!!

  98. Blue Pegazus says:

    Every fu*** day i turn on PS3 and pray to not see that horrible message :”an error has…” !! im tired to play against CPU in FIFA carear mode… Now i know how much i depend of internet.(and Sony!!)

  99. Blue Pegazus says:

    Hey ,Hackers , go to Iran and blow theyr Nukes!! That would be something to glory your activity!! Let us play ,dudes… or else i can be like “Annoyng orange! to you!!

  100. Blue Pegazus says:

    I Have : Sony Tv , PS3 , PS2 ,PSP , Sony Home Theater , Sony Car Audio , Sony Vaio … Well, theres an Store near me called “Samsung”…maybe i could…you know, they have interesting stuff, tvs, hi-fi….hummmm. Next week ill visit them…

  101. phil says:

    you guys are a bunch of gaming pussies! its sad seeing people can live their lives without psn! everyone on here needs to get a life! xbox will never be better and their next to get hacked! so everyone stop crying like a bunch of little girls!

  102. daz says:

    Comment for PHIL (above)…

    If YOUR not bothered about PSN being down then why the fuck are you here in the first place!

    Sounds like your the bitch here! so shut the fuck up hey!

  103. daz says:

    P.S Its nto PSN being down that pissed me off its the constant lies by sony! Changing the deadlines every two fucking minutes and not even giving us updates, its a joke! And as for the “im switching to xbox” people…….do you really think saying shit liek that is going to make sony think “oooo we had better hurry up then”….NO! wankers lol

  104. Blue Pegazus says:

    Fuck x-box, i prefer zx spectrum48k !!i work all fucking days of the week, 10 hour\day , so i like to play my “soccer world ” online …its an escape from stress and its vicious.course we dont like this situation and we like to play instead of going to a bar and drink wiskey and beer for hours. hey ,DAZ, well said!! Hey phill, get a life,(preek)

  105. bartek says:

    hehehehe PEGAZUS you right man , after work to run from all stress is only game and weed so sony come on, in manchester always rain and weed is expensiv , i cant life only like that , i need kill some one on black ops , or maybe i have take the game for real heheheheh just joke , dont take this seriosly and dont come to arested me hehehe before i pl;ay

  106. greg123 says:

    I have a ps3, I am disappointed, but i have tried a few PC, games out and found a few good ones. Not the end of the world guys, actually feel abit sorry for sony (except for misleading us) but it wont be long :D

  107. Ryan says:

    SONY you f***in dick’s sort the psn out nowww ! weve all had anuff now so hurry the f*** up :@

  108. Clint says:

    Wow, the maturity level of some of you. Your grammatical errors and slurred typing prove it.. Get a life. Youre acting like you could walk in there and fix the problem yourselves.,, I’m sure it’s not that easy. Would you rather it be up now and still have multiple problems and poor security with the possibility of this happening again OR take longer and have better security to prevent it from happening again? Seriously, if you would just calm down and stop showing everyone including Sony that youre just whiny little brats with no life, then maybe people would take you seriously. Think about the situation before you act. If you can’t, then just keep your mouth shut.

  109. widgetxx says:

    stop freaking out and wait IMPATIENT BUGGAS play offline its not the end of the world

  110. barry says:

    fk ps3 av just gotn xbox an got rid ov the ps3 for all your lies time to play xbox live never gona buy a ps3 are any other ps again for all ther lies at least xbox wuldint lie to us and egnore us

  111. Mossawi says:

    Now you see, PSN is back online, THIS WEEKEND :3

  112. Phil C says:

    love that its coming back, also love the fact most 12 year olds are now off laoded to Xbox.
    Also finding the people who think the hack was sonys fault very amusing, like saying someone broke into your house and blaming you for it. If a hacker is determind to break your system its only a matter of time, no network security is 100% safe with the right tools.
    I am a Network anaylist (for mobile phones, not gaming), but its all the same thing, digital information transfer. The player databases for PSN network would be massive, millions of users worldwide, Phone databases for a city require a room full of cabinet size servers to hold all the information, imagine the size for a global database. If Sony decided the database has been comprimised and where rebuilding it from scratch installing better security measures, actually shows they are dedicated to making it a better service, rather than stick a patch on it and give the CoD junkies their fix, only to have it crash again in a month.

    Rebuilding the database takes time, alot of time, but time I will wait for a superior system,

    The only problem is with the PR, then again show me any company who doesn’t bullshit around their PR, Thats what PR is, bullshit to appease the masses. Some companies are just better bullshitters than other, and then fools trust their words rather than judging by their product.

    After the rant I’d like to say I have an Xbox, my 4th one infact, in 2 years, so reliable!!! And that is the reason I bought a PS3 a year ago, and I haven’t had a single problem with the PS3 since. The network has been down for a month, sure it was a Pain, but its coming back and hopefully better than ever.

  113. Clint says:

    Damn right phil! well played! But now you know they are going to be whining about this. I can see it now “F**k you sony! I just got rid of my ps3 now you get it working!” Guess thats what you get for being an impatient little brat. Either that, or they are going to start praising sony. “OMG SONY YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!” All these whiners are just a bunch of inconsiderate contradicting little turds. Now karma has bitten them in the ass.

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