Google about to make sweet cloud music

Darren Allan

May 10, 2011

Google is all set to launch its cloud-based music service at the company’s I/O 2011 developer conference later today.

Much like Amazon’s recently launched Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, the search giant’s effort is expected to offer users online storage of their music collection, and streaming playback to computers along with Android mobiles and tablets.

With Apple ready to launch its own iCloud music service in the near future, it would seem something of an almighty storm is going to thunder down when these huge clouds start colliding.

Google doesn’t have the necessary permissions in place with the major record labels to begin flogging songs off its own back, but the company has been in negotiations so presumably this is an eventual aim if they can agree terms.

Until then, as with Amazon’s offering, the project will remain about storage and playback across different devices. The Amazon Cloud Drive currently offers 5GB of storage for free, which is upped to 20GB (for a year) if you purchase an MP3 album from the online retailer.

The streaming playback model does have its disadvantages compared to local playback, such as interruptions to songs, or slight delays if you want to skip ahead multiple tracks. The trade-off is you can access your music from anywhere (in theory).


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