New Scrabble words: Myspace thang, innit?

Darren Allan

May 10, 2011

A number of new tech terms have been added to the official Collins Scrabble bible of allowed words, along with some street slang which will have many players shaking their heads in disgust.

Collins Official Scrabble Words has, in fact, added some 3,000 new words to its ranks, and they include “thang” and “innit” (the last one being particularly cringeworthy in our books).

Drug slang has also been introduced, such as “gak” (cocaine), along with Indian cookery terms such as “Gobi” and “Aloo”.

The new tech terms which have been welcomed on board include “Myspace” and “Wiki”.

Of course, we’re betting that there will be many more traditionalist players who will ignore these new additions, innit? Although those who take their championship Scrabble seriously will be forced to commit the slang to memory.


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