Google says 100 million Android devices now activated

Darren Allan

May 11, 2011

Google has taken the time to boast about some pretty impressive Android statistics at the company’s I/O conference.

According to the big G, there are now 100 million activated Android devices across the globe since the operating system’s launch two and a half years ago.

A pretty impressive number indeed, although Apple has flogged more iOS devices, with 189 million shifted – although that’s over a longer time period, of course.

Currently, Android device activations run to 400,000 daily. If you compare that to Apple’s sales of iGadgets in the last quarter, it’s running at more like 300,000 daily, or a bit more than that depending on exactly how many of the 9 million iPods sold were the iPod Touch.

Presuming you’re counting the iPod Touch as a tablet, of course. At any rate, whichever way you look at it, Android is currently steaming ahead with daily activations.

There are also now 200,000 apps in the Android Market (both paid and free). Apple is still ahead here, with something like 330,000 apps, but again Google’s robotic OS is catching up quickly.


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