HTC Flyer now up for pre-order

Darren Allan

May 11, 2011

HTC’s 7 inch tablet is now up for pre-order in the UK.

So how much will it cost to purchase the Flyer? Online retailers eXpansys and Amazon have the pre-order price at £480 (for the 16GB wi-fi version of the slate).

For the equivalent money in the iPad 2 range, you’d get the 32GB wi-fi model, so HTC is putting something of a premium on its new slate offering.

Particularly given the fact that it only runs Android Gingerbread and not full Honeycomb as with many of the new and soon to be arriving Android tablets.

So what makes the Flyer different and worthy of consideration at a near-£500 price point? The main unique selling point is the Scribe, a stylus which comes with the tablet and allows owners to scribble notes or sketch on the screen, or mark up web pages.

And while that does sound quite cool, we’re not sure it commands the premium HTC seems to be asking. As more and more tablets come out, price is going to become a key issue, and it might be something HTC needs to look at to make its offering more Desire-able.

Still, there’s always a chance the initial mark-up online retailers have pegged the Flyer at could descend to a lower price altitude…

Originally, HTC said the Flyer would be out this week, but evidently that hasn’t happened. Amazon now has it down for release on June 1st.


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  1. A Person says:

    umm, I’m pretty sure this ‘news’ is at least a week old. tech ‘watch’??

  2. Darren Allan says:

    We might have been a little slow on this one, but it certainly isn’t anywhere near “at least a week” old….

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