LA Noire to come with “Rockstar Pass”

Darren Allan

May 11, 2011

Microsoft’s release schedule for Xbox Live has revealed the existence of a “Rockstar pass” for LA Noire.

The pass will cost a player 800 MS points and, naturally enough, the gaming fraternity on the net has erupted with discussion about what on Earth it’ll give you access to.

Of course, we’re very familiar with the EA pass now – a measure Warner Bros also adopted with Mortal Kombat, implemented to mean second-hand buyers have to purchase a serial code to play online.

However, Rockstar has previously made it clear that LA Noire doesn’t have an online component. It’s built as a super-immersive single player experience.

Unless Rockstar has decided to add some sort of multiplayer extra, but that really doesn’t seem likely. It’s far more likely to be access to new downloadable cases.

Or perhaps something else… we’ll know soon enough, as LA Noire hits the streets a week on Friday.


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