PSN update: Not back until the weekend… or next week?

Darren Allan

May 11, 2011

Another update has been posted on the official PlayStation blog page.

The latest from Sony is that they still can’t give us an exact date of when PSN will be live again, but it will “likely be at least a few more days”.

This was posted yesterday, so a few more days would put us at the weekend. But the phrase “at least” is a worrying qualifier – meaning that potentially there are further pitfalls in store which could delay the PSN coming back online until next week.

Sony follows with an apology: “We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.”

But tempers are definitely starting to fray – witness the 80 plus comments on last week’s story where we reported the network wasn’t going to be back up last weekend as promised. This time around, Sony isn’t making any promises…

It’s three weeks now since the hacking incident, and if the downtime is extended to next week, we’re looking at a month effectively for PS3 owners with no online play.


Comments in chronological order (60 comments)

  1. Owl says:

    This hacking incident is just a cover for Sony to shutdown the network, move all the servers, equipment etc etc to new locations due to the fallout of radioactivity across Japan.

    Many companies have already shifted home base away from Japan due to the disaster.

    Take care.

  2. Junito says:

    Worst system EVER! Hurry the H**L up

  3. Tom says:

    This is utterly unacceptable, Sony is a $multi-billion company and needs to throw EVERY resource at this. They can surely bring up online gaming without compromising the security required for the Store. They have built up the PlayStation brand for years now, this is doing damage to the entire reputation. Playing games on-line, like COD, is like a drug - I’ve been hooked for years, going cold turkey has been tough. I’m a 35 year old Project Manager, I earn £75K, so I can buy an xbox tomorrow - Sony needs to remember this and get online gaming back up now!

  4. Tom says:

    Sony also needs to put up a reward for catching these hackers - they are criminals and there is no honour among thieves - they will betray each other and be caught easily. FBI then need to lock them away for a very long time to make an example of them. 50 million PS3 owners will have a great big smile on their face if this happens.

  5. el presador says:

    Pfft, wouldn’t get out of my bed for £75k.

  6. Steve says:

    If Sony had of said from the start “we’ve been hacked and the system will be down for a month” then I think the majority of us would have accepted it. However Sony continue to break promises and not keep us gamers informed of where they are with the fix. This is poor communication skills from a multi million pound company. I get annoyed when I see playstation adverts on tv, it’s like WTF! Where do you get the cheek to advertise a broken product!!!

  7. paul says:

    @owl, If they came out in the first place and said we have stopped playstation network services because of the earthquake we would all understand.but its not because that your way off there buddy.

  8. starakita says:

    wot people dont seem to be picking up on is what he actually said he said HE CANT TELL US AN EXACT DATE ON WEN PSN WILL BE BK UP AS HE DONT KNOW then he goes on to say IT WILL LIKELY BE AT LEAST A FEW MORE DAYS BEFORE THEY WILL KNOW what im wandering now is this could IT WILL LIKELY BE AT LEAST A FEW MORE DAYS BEFORE THEY WILL KNOW mean they’ll no in a few more days (days) when they can resume online gaming OR does it it actually mean there working to get us BK online in the next few days————————- he has kept it short n sweet but i cant help but think that lastest blog was a half ditched effort just to shut us up for a bit longer sorry sony but u epic fail this time big time PS im a hardcore sony man will always be but sony has lost alot of my respect frew this whole situation IN GOOD RELATIONSHIP THERE HAS TO BE A GOOD LEVEL OF TRUST sony you’ve all but lost mine YOU R GONNA HAVE TO REALLY PLEASE ME TO EARN IT BK I DONT BLAME U FOR THE HACK but i do for the LACK of communication SORT IT FUCKING OUT

  9. Bob says:

    @ Owl PSN Servers are not in Japan they are in America, so it has nothing to do with the issues in Japan!!

  10. Chornside says:

    I’m not expecting PSN not to be fully restored until the 31st as per the last update. It would be nice if the online gaming could return a bit sooner, but Sony obviously want to test every aspect of PSN and return it to us with better security.

    It’s been really hard for me not being able to play any MP for the last 3 weeks!(I’d only just bought Crysis 2 as well!) and I’ve been really looking forward to Brink on Friday which, unfortunately, I now won’t be buying until PSN is back as the MP is the focal point for me! Sony are the victims as are we, but Sony’s reputation will have taken a knock now that it has gone on for this long. You’ll be hard pushed to find a forum where users are switching to (or threatening to switch) to the 360. However I think it’s stupid to use the “£39.99 a year will secure my details are kept safe” comment, because nobodies personal entered online are safe and Microsoft have been victims before.

    I think we all have to be patient, but it’s your choice to stay with Sony are switch to Microsoft at the end of the day. It all depends on how much you miss MP. Personally I can live without it for a couple more weeks, I need to complete the single player modes of all my games anyway! :-)

  11. sam says:

    WTF SONY??? 3 weeks and still no exact date for when psn will be back on.. many people must be itching with irratation due to no online gaming, this reall does consider my options in the future . Anyway i think you should give all ps3 users a 10 pound reedeem code for playstation store as a gift of guiltiness from your behalf .. SAFE

  12. Craig says:

    star, you’re exactly right…they have no idea what they’re doing…as a network admin myself when we have an outage we have this thing called a Contingency Plan that is immediately set into motion with a complete backup suite in order to maintain functionality. I realize that Sony had to rebuild everything and this isn’t feasable, but that also brings into question the leadership at Sony….when our networks go down and customers are without a service, the FIRST thing my boss would ask me is….What’s our estimated time of repair…we HAVE to give him one, realistic or not and work feverishly to meet that goal. If we don’t meet that goal, we push it back and that’s duely noted by those in charge, we wont go asking for favors if we can’t do our jobs. My point is………I believe there IS an ETR in place from network engineers to CEO fatcats….we’re just not getting the entire story.

  13. g40calkiller says:

    I just got on line with cod black OPS and I chose ps 3 for the reason being I heard the on line was best with them, I now can say I regret buying a ps 3 and IM looking forward to buying an xbox

  14. Remy says:

    I went and bought an X-Box, with the exception of not being able to surf the net….their network is off the hook! Screw psn!!! My buddies and I were playing three different games yet we were still chatting with each other. Hell…having the option to play music from my HDD while I play a game is the best.

  15. tony jones says:

    @owl just so you know the psn servers are based in california and the move to somewhere else has been openly planned for many months,also do you honestly believe sony would turn off psn unless it was absolutely essential to do so? they are losing millions of dollars everyday and their stock has nosedived i know its frustrating and they have handled the whole situation like a bunch of amateurs but they need the psn on more than we do! and these conspiracy theories are just a way for people with nothing else to do pass the time.

  16. Jon says:

    To all you F’ing losers who want to cry about “come on Sony you better have it working by the weekend, Sony u suck, awwwwww Sony you lied to me” here’s the deal. They don’t know and therefore can’t say “tomorrow or this weekend”! What did you do before we had online gaming?? Well……go do that but there are things you all just don’t get and pussy and respect are among those! Get a life..walk outside..go to a bar..find a girl..go fishing… anything else besides complain?

  17. brad says:

    i just want to game im in a wheelchair an am unable to do enything else other than play ps3 so please just try too get the gameing side of psn back online also a lot of my m8s r in the same boat as me we r bored out of our minds

  18. Me says:

    You see sony… Non of this wud hav happened if you jus wudav ignored the fact that we were doing what WE WANT WITH OUR OWN CONSOLES THAT WE BOUGHT ( JAILBREAK) IF U WUDNT HAV TRIED TO BE SUCH SMART ASSES U NEVER WUDAV LOST YOUR MONEY AND WE WUDN HAV LOST PSN!! Im actualy glad, sony is getn wat they desereve.. But were not.

  19. Patrick says:

    I only read the comments to laugh at the people who don’t understand the necessity of grammar. Sorry, but Sony doesn’t really care about you. :(

    I imagine they do care about people with jobs, however. I have a hard time imagining that people like “Me” and “starakita” are doing anything useful with their lives. I could be wrong, they might be trolling, but I doubt it.

  20. JJ says:

    It is a free network, Sony give this as a free service, so if it goes down tough luck! Quit your whining and go outside and do something else. Anyone that refers to online gaming as a drug needs to find a some maryjane, go sit in a park in the sun and realise there is more to life than being sat in a room playing on games. I love my ps3 but there is so much more to life than moaning about a free network. Anyone who goes and buys an xbox has more money than sense.

  21. Tom says:

    Why cannot Sony get the online gaming part of PSN up quickly i.e. the ability to login (change password) and play online games via matchmaking. The Account Management and Store, which includes personal details, credit card info, etc… can wait until it is secure. Every day delay, huge damage being done to the brand.

  22. Tom says:

    @jon - I am not a loser (I earn £75K, have a gf and drive a new BMW M3), but I admit am totally addicted to COD and this PSN downtime is really tough. I’m tempted to switch to xbox, but I have £1000’s worth of PS3 games which I would have to ditch.

  23. MOOSE says:

    This is funny. Honestly, I am a huge PS3 fan and half of what you guys are saying I agree with. But OWL the japan crisis buddy, wow. How funny. LOL. Oh well, sony is xp life like the rest of us. Who cares. What are you guys doing to help things like this not happen, cause thats all you can really do @ this point, instead of crying like little babies. Life is life there is nothing you can do about it guys. Move on.

  24. BubbaG says:

    To those of you threatening to go to Xbox over this, please do. You will lighten the load on the free networking service when it does come back up, and inevitably improve the experience for me. Have fun!

  25. pat says:

    i’m dropping by to say you guys have no life there are lots of things to do indoors and outdoors … you can lose weight for those people that are extremely fat … get your body moving and stay healthy instead of smoking pot … and for those who speak trash on virtual life you can actually go out and learn some manner in the real life i bet you you cant talk trash infront of peoples’ face without losing a tooth or two…or to some you are just to lonely ugly depressed whatsoever that you cant do anything with your life then just jump over the bridge or just the train tracks because all y’all are just waste of space in the world…get a real life or just end it…i really hope that sony network doesn’t go live anytime soon …

  26. Tom says:

    I’m gonna buy an xbox if this goes on any longer. Considering sending a letter to Sony stating this but I am quite sure they do not give one solitary sh*t.

  27. Patrick says:

    Dear @Tom,

    No one cares how much money you (pretend to) make, that you (pretend to) have a gf, or that you (pretend to) drive an M3.

    I have an xbox and ps3. I’m sure with your job that you think anyone cares about, you can afford the electricity for two systems.

  28. Jake says:

    I can wait :3

  29. Cartman says:

    Bloomberg has said 31st May - everything will be back up.

  30. PsnAdmin says:

    LOL u guys are funny. Dood get off your ass and go do sumthing else while psn is trying to fix this problem. If they put it up not fully fix well guess wat it’l prob go down agian for another month so wait ur butts and just chill geez

  31. Tuscaloosaking says:

    I got all 3 consoles but I love the psn. To all of u that r threating to jump to xbox, think about it first. Im on my 3rd prestige on 360 and it was a lot more challenging because of the corner camping Halo players. Just b patient and realize that if Sony dont get that part of their company back online they will lose billions of dollars. Those dollars are or more important than yall tears, sweer sweer tears lol.

  32. Tuscaloosaking says:

    And also if they do bring the servers back up early and someone hack them again, imagine how much money they have wasted. Im happy to say im a psn junkie too lol

  33. raven says:

    ok now im getting irritated…got damn near all my games beat..cant even get netflix workin..can only do so much on my games before it gets old..if these systems can be hacked this easy i think im about done with video gaming..might just donate the ps3 with the games i bought to childrens network..sonys cs sucks..if these hackers wanted to do something right out of all this..hack the system turn the damn thing back on..

  34. Dave says:

    Have y’all ever heard of outdoor activities or reading a book? It’s not the end of the world to have to go a couple weeks without playing games online. They sure didn’t have that stuff when I was a kid and I still had a fun childhood.

  35. Nick says:

    If Microsoft was smart they should be offering a trade-in swap, PS3 for Xbox. They would make a killing and take a huge portion of Sony’s market share.

  36. BOREDASHELL says:


  37. theMADhatter says:

    Well now, these hackers obviously aren’t PS3 owners, and Wii owners are dumb, so they must be from XBOX. Ergo, it was Bill Gates trying to boost Xbox market share, and he paid Microsoft programmers to hack Sony.

  38. understated says:

    This goes to all the people who are talking trash to online junkies. If you don’t care about online gaming at all, then why are you even reading the updates and why are you being trolls? Once again I will ask, if you have “better” things to do with your time then why aren’t you doing them? But I am sure you have no lives either so keep trolling as I am sure this is all you people have to do. Losers

  39. mark says:

    For all you ppl that are telling others they have no life, get off your arse, get a gf, stop being ugly and fat, guess what.. by you sitting in front of your computer all day trying to find comments and people to judge… your no different. your worse.. a lot worse. you sit on your computer all day looking for ppl to make fun of. Get off your ass and make some friends. since clearly you have 0.

  40. Dougie says:

    I swear if I came face to face with the nerd fag who hacked the psn…… lets just say he wouldn’t have a face left.
    COME ON SONY!!!!!

  41. Tom says:

    Hope they get it up this weekend, just online gamimg will do, wanna play Black Ops. COME ON SONY!!!, get EVERYONE working on this night and day, you are doing incalculable damage to the PlayStation brand. And fingers crossed the hackers that have done this get run over by a car.

  42. Jarrod says:

    Meh, I dont mind about the delay, they can take as long as they need to bring the system up to standards. In the mean time i can be social and have a life.

  43. Tom says:

    On PS3 Black Ops I have over 25 days multiplayer play time, am 12th Prestige with all custom classes and unlocks, and this is the major reason I am not buying an Xbox, as I would have to build up my profile again. Also PS3 has some incredible games coming out this year - Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, etc… But my patience is really fraying at the edges now, COME ON SONY, GET ONLINE GAMING UP!!!!

  44. Tom says:

    Also I reckon the Store will have to be up by the end of the month, the COD Black Ops map packs are out in June. These map packs are the single biggest selling item on PS Store, they make $millions for both Sony and Activision. But surely Sony can get online gaming up on PSN before the Store needs access.

  45. Julian says:

    every1 thats on here bit*hin how there gunna buy and xbox should jus get a life its a f*ckin game and they fix it when they can. Sony alredy provides us with free online gameing what more can u ask for? And if you really think tht you sayin your gunna buy an xbox is gunna worry sony….think again like you guyz were sayin there a multi million dollar company and you already bought a ps3 think they care if you go get an xbox too lol NO!!!. So get your head out of your as* and be real they fix it when they can. Would you rather have them say tht they can have it on in a week but you now have to pay for it? i wouldnt so quit cryin you sweaty gamin pus*y!!!!

  46. pat says:


  47. Tom says:

    @pat - you obviously don’t know how addictive online gaming is. The truth is that since I got hooked on COD a few years ago, I find a lot of other activities boring. I do them, but online gaming is more fun.

  48. Tabb says:

    disgraceful. a free battlefield 3 for everyone! ps3 aint shit without multiplayer

  49. SaintMarino says:

    Sony (and their internal communications with marketing) really screwed this up. I really don’t think they will bring online services back until the store and the Qmusic service are ready. The store is the most important thing to Sony. Unfortunately, for the growing number of disgruntled PS3 gamers it is NOT. 1 month free of plus? Yeah, if you RE-ENTER your credit info. Sony lost my trust a week after the network went down and they provided next to no info.

  50. SaintMarino says:

    Y’ALL? You came here and posted that? Obviously you came here for information regarding the PSN because you are a gamer. Otherwise, you are the one with nothing better to do than tell others to get a life. Ever hear the expression “that’s like the pot calling the tea kettle black?” Nobody likes a hypocrite.

  51. Sam says:

    Excellent comment #20. Couldn’t have said it better. Stop whining, it’s free.

  52. Triptaker12 says:

    You all sound like a bunch of translucent crack heads out of crack. climb out of your mothers basements and go to work or school. BTW that bright thing in the sky is our sun…remember it?

  53. Brian Turner says:

    I bet Microsoft have gotten all their security engineers to go through Xbox live code with a fine tooth comb after this. :)

  54. ollie24uk says:

    so many people believe it was a cover up by sony, what the fk are u thinking lol, where did u cum up with that crap? sony got millions why the hell wud they pretend to be hacked just to move servers omg are u like retarded or was ur mother giving birth to u all through her anus? get outside and get sum fresh air the world dont revolve around computers u know, and anyway fact is this: when psn comes back on there will be so many people trying to get online at once it will probably crash again with too much traffic, its bloody obvious aint it. You will have problems logging in i bet u all the money in ur man purse biatch.

  55. Drew says:

    Sony lost my respect a long time ago, only thing I think is half decent is the PS3 and even then only because of the free online gaming. that and I do love the controller, ps3 has been very lucky to of had a few games from bioware published as they are a microsoft owned company so thanks EA thanks Microsoft, I’ve been enjoying Dragon Age 2 in this down time, which seriously is one big joke, I think sony are (probably unknowingly) inviting hackers crackers and whatever to try break the new system ya know? test their abilities, to try try and keep on trying, and guess what it will be broken again in time, I used to be a sony man, now its samsung all the way, yo samsung create a console huh heh serious, with free online, microsoft nice job buying bioware, sony grrrrrrrrrrr lol. and totally off topic well in a sec, sony update the browser man damn. k off topic, japan sort that #$@% out, dont need you killing the ocean with your nuclear fallout.. grrrr.. wish my country wasnt so close but even if it wasnt I’d still be angry, sushi eatin whale killers lol compensating for something? LOL jk I love the culture the women the umm language. Yakuza (games) Rulezz.. im bored and this is my first real vent… did I mention I made like 500 mill… in tekken lol my doods roc, well 99% look cool, I still can only use a few proficiently tho, eh. heres a tip for all tekken 6 peeps easy money, the mokujin stage has the biggest pay offs, use bound moves 2 break through floors quickly taking out most enemys 4 you, of course have an increase fight money item equipped I had one that raised it by like 436% oh also do the stage on hard have the same kind of item on alisa incase she picks up, also have increase item drop rate I had 140% my alisa like 99% Ummm yeah oh and sell all the items you’ve picked up that you dont use. I made like half the 500 mill by selling stuff. hope that helps. lmao everybody knows sony blows ha ha haa ;) oh and expect to get between 2 to 3 mill per go round, I got a little lucky and had tons of great stuff to sell the moment I realised you could, made a cool 80 90 mill.. then when I got bored I started from stage one and clocked it all over again.. Namco bring back doctor B I Loved that guy… maybe even gon heh cute lil guy :)

  56. Brett says:

    I’ve had every Sony Console which I’ve earnt and bought myself (excluding Original PS and PS1; they were presents.). I am a true Sony Fan even to the extent of buying a Sony Vaio laptop. Since the news of PSN being hacked, I went out and bought Final Fantasy 13 and have been playing it since.

    I’m 18, from the UK, have 2 PS3s. One Original 60GB Model and one 120GB Slim. My Pay is Minimum Wage for a Air-conditioning and Refrigeration apprentice engineer which is roughly £400 a month plus £5 per hour overtime.

    I go out weekends and pull girls as a normal lad my age does. I haven’t had a GF since I was 16 but I know alot of people and about 80% of them have a PS3 (mainly lads but few girls). We used to meet up on CoD after work on weekdays and go out friday and saturday. Sundays I visit my great aunty who is very special to me, like a third nan.

    What I’m trying to say is; when you’ve got a job, friends and a ps3 balanced. The outage don’t really affect you. I’m not threatening to sell my PS3 to buy an Xbox. Instead i’ve gone out a few weekdays and worked 12 hours overtime this week, even bought a new game with no online. I still keep in contact with all my friends on PSN by text. If PSN being down has really affected you that much that you really need to have a reality check.

    If your going to reply, you obviously haven’t caught the PS3 drug and blah blah blah. That’s a load of s*** and you know it. Me and my m8s are really competitive to the point we had a £50 bet who would reach prestige 10 first. I think 13 or 14 of us were in on it. So the Winner won about £700. I don’t shell out f*** loads of money on PS3. I try to limit my Monthly Spendings to £50 then £100 for Weekends. £45 Insurance for my Yamaha TZR125 RR. The Last £255 I spend on Tools, Food and Petrol. But I rarely use the whole £400.

  57. Drew says:

    fair enuff brett but in a way ur still just a pup, I had a ps1 still have a ps2 with around 30 games.. outlaw golf 2 rulez bring out a 3rd u omo’s lol anyways.. screw sony man screw microsoft 2, cant say n e ting bout wii doe cuz I jus dun o heh, I kinda fell off at n64 or gameboy w/e my point is that line would sound cool loolool ,) ya know I read that most the hackers in anon used their ps3 as an entertainment system, movies music games. emulators and what not and im like thinking their computers must really suck lmao seriously, thats a PC’s job geez, they think they deserve everything 4 free, the dont, thats why its known as jail breaking… info may be free but not things ppl created and if you ever found yourself in possession of someone elses keys, give them back or keep it to yourself. I think 4 the most part ps3 remains the same, I mean c’mon around 9gig in firm/software and a hundred or so meg security update heh… hey if you cant find em u cant stop them… im glad it wasnt a total overhaul (unless it repaced some if not all of the original 9 or so gig, I was worried as Im pretty much out of room, cant believe some games need 2 install taking up copious amounts of my precious yet limited HDD seriously? W/E and what about those games u play once and h8 theirs no way 2 get rid of the trophy data?? anyways sony good job with the god of war series.

  58. Drew says:

    one more thing I would of bought bioware befote micosoft, if given the chance (and if I had the money) Boulders gate 2 shadows of ahm sold me on them, even tho its sort of an expansion, I always hoped they would continue its story.. anywhoo W/E bioware I love hate u lol

  59. Drew says:

    and yes microsoft u stole my company loool i was eyein dem first, was hopin sony would but sony sux, if i find another company, samsung better pick up lol heh.

  60. Drew says:

    uhm? So I finally bought the game, and 20 minutes later, here I am.
    Has nobody played the original Worms 3D or 4? There was no Picture In Picture, the camera actually followed the thrown weapon & looked & was 1000x better than it is now, Now all we get to see is a tiny screen up in the corner of who knows what, I have a 40″ LCD and all I can say is wtf was that. even if I could tell, wth lol? A weapon thrown or fired from a distance is followed up by the main screen being centered on the attacker, who now is idle and so interesting to look at, come on really? we get a small screen in the corner of well, some 10″ action, I am sorely dissapointed, wow, I mean wow..
    A close range shot is also followed up by the picture in picture cam, seriously? is that even necessary. no, its not, it locks the camera in place, stopping one from rotating to get a better veiw, or simply another angle.

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