Xbox update imminent bringing PayPal support

Darren Allan

May 11, 2011

An update for the Xbox 360 is in the pipeline and should roll out next week, bringing PayPal support to the console.

That will give Microsoft gamers a different method to pay for their DLC rather than a credit card. You could already set this up online anyway, but now you’ll be able to do so via the convenience of the Xbox dashboard.

That’s the only difference users will notice, although the update also adds support for a new disc format which makes additional storage room available on game discs, and provides added layers of copy protection, Joystiq reports.

Furthermore, apparently the following week after that will see the arrival of Avatar Kinect, which will use the motion sensor to track your gestures when you’re chatting with others, mirroring them with your avatar. From raised eyebrows to shaken fists and, erm, other gestures…


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