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May 12, 2011

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 Dock Review

by Franz Bicar

You have to give it up for Bang and Olufsen. Style, design, features, “cool factor”, they have it all in their products. They don’t release products every month as other manufacturers do, but when they do, consumers are satisfied.

The BeoSound 8 is arguably the coolest and the hippest product that Bang & Olufsen has released for a while now. Once you’ve set your eyes on the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8, its hard to take them away from it. Its design is something that’s never been seen before. Definitely unique, definitely out of the box. The BeoSound 8 is shaped like two front-facing cones that is connected by a bridge. Its casing is made of brushed aluminum finish, majority of the construction is a hard-wearing plastic.

The two conical 70W speakers on both sides of the device floats out connected by the bridge where the dock is actually located. As usual with B&O products, the materials used and the build quality are of the highest standard.

In the middle of the bar - or the bridge, there is a circular control panel. It has a volume control, skip forward or back buttons, and a central On/Off/Play/Pause button at the center. On top of the bar is the dock. A simple connector sticks up to take your iOS device, and a small padded stalk supports it from the rear. The pad can be wound in and out, so you can use your device without removing its case. The BeoSound 8 has been created with Apple products in mind. Because of this, the main docking station can house iPods, iPhones and even the iPad.

If you want more flexibility in your setup, the BeoSound 8 comes in with an RCA jack and a mini-USB port, perfect for streaming audio signals from you PC or Blu-ray player to this magnificent sound equipment. For excellent sound quality, the BeoSound 8 features Bang & Olufsen’s proprietary signal processor for a better sound.

Its also good to mention that the BeoSound 8 comes with a round remote control, around 6cm in diameter. It exactly mirrors the BeoSound 8’s control panel, as mentioned above.

As for its performance, the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 is absolutely magnificent. For 85 years, the company has prided themselves in high-quality design and top-tier performance. The BeoSound is just that. The sound produced is wonderful for its size. It’s natural, crisp and clear, with great balance, pace and coherence.

Plugging a PC in, you can enjoy your music and movie collection in glorious stereo. It is very useful in tiny apartments, or dorm rooms, where space is on a budget.

As with Bang & Olufsen products, the BeoSound 8 is one of the most expensive docks out in the market today. At around £895, it cost a bit more than others. But if you have some extra cash, the go for it. Bang & Olufsen is a brand that you will never regret.

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