PSN back online

Brian Turner

May 15, 2011

The PlayStation Network is coming back online today. However, it will not be fully functioning until the end of the month.

That’s according to a new statement from Sony, who announced that restoration of the PSN and Qriosity services would begin today in phased stages.

This will occur on a country-by-country basis across the Americas, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Middle East.

According to the statements, the first phase of restored services for these countries and regions will include:

  • Sign-in for PlayStation Network and Qriocity services, including the resetting of passwords
  • Restoration of online game-play across PS3 and PSP
  • Playback rental video content, if within rental period, of PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service on PS3, PSP and MediaGo
  • Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity, for current subscribers, on PS3 and PC
  • Access to 3rd party services such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and
  • ‘Friends’ category on PS3, including Friends List, Chat Functionality, Trophy Comparison, etc
  • PlayStation Home

Sony have also promised new security measures in order to safeguard the PSN against further attacks, with stronger encryption, more firewalls, and better vulnerability testing using third-party security companies.

While that’s good news for PS3 fans, not least some of the rather rabid commentators who flooded to TW when the PSN network was down, there is still little news on what may or may not have been compromised in the original attack.

While the word on the web is that credit card companies have not yet seen any malicious activity they can tie to the PlayStation Network hack attack, Sony does not seem entirely sure about what exact data has been stolen, which remains a little worrying.

Additionally, while no doubt there will be cheers that the process of recovering the PSN has begun today, do not expect it to be running with full functionality.

That means prepare for disappointment if you’re looking to log on for Black Ops today, because Sony have made it clear the restoration process is going to last through until the end of the month.

And once the PSN is back online and running smoothly, no doubt we have yet to see many awkward questions asked of Sony, not least by regulators who now have to sift through the details of what remains a potential privacy timebomb.


Comments in chronological order (209 comments)

  1. Marty says:

    last week i deleted my profile because i was ticked off,, dont know if i’d be able to get it back until the end of the month

  2. FFFFFFUUUUU..... says:

    finnally, now i can haz HF n RDR? No? oh european servers come 3rd.

  3. Alex says:

    I got my psn, and couldn’t make a account, would I still moss out in the welcome back gift?

  4. GWARN says:

    Yooo, i turned my ps3 on today, got an update, and then it reset itself after (as normal), but nothing has changed and it still won’t let me sign in lol this happened to anyone else? Im in the UK as well if that helps .

  5. Mark says:

    Nearly there eh. All this fuss about a predominantly free service. Ihave been holding out and will still hold out untill the service is restored totally. Hng in there PS3 fans.

  6. Cod says:

    Done the update last night. USA is online and EU/UK will be online today around 1pm-4pm Uk time.

  7. Zombies says:

    It will be on today 100%. I heard 1pm for EU

  8. smallmouth says:

    Mine did the same Gwarn it let me sign in and upload a update then rebooted and when i tried to sign in it said(playstation under maintenance)?? so i think it will just take another day im in the UK so ill let u know when mine comes back on and could u let me know when yours comes back on.Cheers

  9. tommo says:


    mine done the same and im in the uk mate, whats going on?

  10. alex brooker says:

    To GWARN

    Yeah same thing happened to me, I’m from England, the update came, it reset my ps3, but then when I tried to sign in it said psn under maintenance.

  11. xA16 says:

    yes, Uk /Eu are in the final stages it shall be back on within a few hours be patient Guys

  12. emran says:

    its not working in uk! :@:@

  13. kimbo says:

    same im iv updated but wont let me sign in, im in the uk aswel

  14. Phil C says:

    Same Deal Gwarn, got the update but still unable to connect, also in UK.

    At least they are eventually getting it back up and running.

  15. b bop says:

    same in ireland

  16. josh says:

    when will online be working for Europe

  17. ash says:

    guys it ain’t gonna be on fully until a few more days yet. Am dying to play black ops am dying to da max is any1 out there dying to play black ops let me no.

  18. lol says:

    as some of you people in the UK are askng bout the update and thn the network not workng well it did the same thing to me and i live in New Zealand so UK u guys not the only 1ns with the same problem lol cheers… AOTEAROA…

  19. will robinson says:

    guttered i did update all happy thinking it was update finished didnt work boo fuckin hoo

  20. waiting......... says:

    im in the UK and i was able to get the 3.61 update at around 0.45AM last night. but couldn’t sign in (still saying maintenance) so i go to sleep wake up and still cant sign in 12 hours l8r WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. lol says:

    yea mate dying to play black ops brought thn the network fukd out so havnt plyd it online yet but cant wait ^^^^^^^^^

  22. waiting... says:

    im in the UK and i was able to get the 3.61 update at around 0.45AM last night but couldn’t sign in (still saying maintenance) so i just went to sleep, now i wake up and still cant sign in 12 hours l8r!!!!!!!

  23. treadstone says:

    ** It is not online yet as this site has alarmed to everyone ** The 3.61 update is only preparatory work. North America first, then Europe.

  24. will says:

    i hurd black opps aint gonna work straight away

  25. treadstone says:

    Click on Internet Browser on the XMB for the latest update. You cant eben change your password yet like the update has suggested you could.

  26. martin says:

    sick of fifa single player, i hope it returns later today

  27. benbancroft89 says:

    BOOM PSN back online in the UK. Just downloaded the update and loaded black ops!

  28. binky says:

    im in uk done the firmware update then reset n cannot sign in yet. i will try later gana watch newcastle vs chelsea match

  29. Dom says:

    Yo apparently the CEO of Sony has said online functionality is working and it will once your change your password on your account. Should be working once you’ve done that.

  30. Phil C says:

    sign in doesn’t say password incorrect though, still says PSN is down for maintenace. They need to tell poeple if this is the case, on xmb or via PS3 error message, not on a website a fraction of people will ever read.

  31. Leelee says:

    yo Lets hope its on today! Missed around a month of gaming man!! s/s update did take a couple of go’s to dl it know is done just waiting till its up in uk!

  32. jake says:

    yo my names jake d’arcy wen is playstation back on because i need to watch my gay porn on the internet and for anyone intrested add me on facebook im gay and single

  33. brydon says:

    same come on newcastle!!! that will keep me goin till MW2 tonight HOPEFULLY. where u from binky

  34. treadstone says:

    After doing the 3.61 update you just got to wait and sit it out..until you get in. Keep trying to get on but I bet it wont be today.

  35. Rikstation says:

    So when I too downloaded the update, Restarted the system and still cannot sign on. I opened the browser and was shown a PS3 page saying at the bottom that i will need to change the password here first
    But this page just says that PS3 is still down and i cannot change my password or even attempt to log in with my old password.
    If anyone else has been able to successfully change their password, please update the rest odf how here on how you did this.

  36. jake says:

    basicly guys i just want sum gay fun im not looking for someone fat or disabled and certainly no one hairy add me on face book its JAKE D’ARCY xxxxxxx

  37. Rikstation says:

    Also From the Uk by the way, Hows it going for you guys in the US any laggy on-line play, or is all smooth, Any noticeable differences

  38. Razor! says:

    Sup guys, just called Play Station customer service line. They said the services will resume in the European region at around 4pm. Looks like more of the waiting game for us for now… -_- :/

  39. treadstone says:

    ** Rikstation - its the same for me mate, cant change password.

  40. Rikstation says:

    Nice one Razor, thanks for the update

  41. psn says:

    they have just put tyhe update on so you all feel asif psn will be back online soon but you still gonna have to wait till 31st of may because you still cant sign in and you still wont be able to play black ops until may 31st when i first got my ps3 psn was down and this update was already on my machine when i turned it on for the first time dont be fooled by sonys tactics to try and make you think it will be online and you canplay black ops today cos u cant …

  42. Leelee says:

    they are saying, when its up and running in the uk (today) ya ok heard this befor, anyway when is up and running, then you go to sign in, it will tell you to change your p/w then.

  43. uhm says:

    Psn stop talking bs you know nothing

  44. waiting... says:

    nh m8 wen u try sign in u will notice 1 of the new security changes of the new system, witch will make u change ur password. u dont have to manually find any website or anything, we just have to wait for the maintenance to go away

    just want to play fifa11 and other games online

  45. not saying XD says:

    It wont be back in Europe for a couple of hours**.. I have a dutch ps3 but i live in France :p but the order i think is US then Uk then rest of Europe they don’t want to do it all at the same time because it might over populate the servers and itl crash and we’d be back at step one…

  46. Ben dover init says:

    My balls are gigantic and cement for men

  47. not saying XD says:

    blackkk opsssss and i have homefront but never played it online!!

  48. Ben dover init says:


  49. American Kamakazi says:

    Greetings from New York! PSN is up and running BABY! For the people who want to know the steps that we went thought in order to gain access to the PSN, are as follows;

    1. *on screen message* Your password is no longer vaild, this needs to be changed. Do it now? select yes
    2. It takes you through the steps in order to change your password.
    3. Once new password is created, go to sing in, input new password, and enjoy the little display message on the top right hand corner stating *Singed In*
    hope it heped, peace xD

  50. dave says:

    Yessssss finally PSN is finally on, 4 player zombies here we go

  51. josh says:

    when is it goin 2 work 4 uk

  52. dave says:

    2 more updates in the uk atleast im online now though

  53. Chimpan'G says:

    I’m so happy I could shit.

  54. Leelee says:

    dont forget, “The company will be offering customers a “Welcome Back” package of services and premium content to all registered PlayStation Network and Qriocity account services.” Nothing like free stuff ! where ya from dave? nothing for bristol (UK)

  55. Robbo81 says:

    How many people in the uk are gonna say the same thing?! The update was to prepare for the big switch on! It’ll be on by 4pm today! Chill my English friends! Wat I find funny is all the people that have just bought an Xbox!! Ha ha. I’m patient and am looking forward to receiving my two free games and 51 days of ps+! Yeeeehaaaaw !

  56. dave says:


  57. dave says:

    Leicesters live and kicking with PSN back on

  58. Hleb says:

    is it 4pm for uk, surrey/london

    im starting to get withdrawls from gun games

  59. jmi84uk says:

    What time will psn be back up in yorkshire

  60. Robbo81 says:

    Newcastle still not on @2pm- 2 hours to go!

  61. will says:

    anyone back online yet

  62. dacrazyassgunman says:

    … everyones making it sound like it’s been down for a year.. it’s been 3 weeksish.. cmon give sony a chance, woo go sony ;)

  63. common sense says:

    calm dwn its been 3 weeks i think u cn w8 2 hours

  64. me says:

    hurry up im in burton near derby not online yet

  65. knob cheese says:

    It will take longer than any two hours. probably early hours of tomorrow.

  66. uk£££ says:

    \/ \/
    /\G/ \
    / V \
    / \

  67. me says:

    if sony says 2 hours its 2 hours

  68. dave says:

    we should call them phony not sony

  69. makky says:

    if it comes on around 4 gonna get totally wasted and play pes2011 all night long.

  70. john45t says:

    It could take hours

  71. will says:

    it better hurry i work nightshift which means tonight not gonna get the chance to play

  72. dave says:

    ring in sick m8

  73. kenn diata says:

    ffs hurry up

  74. Tim says:

    Have just updated to 3.61, PSN not yet back up in Oxford, UK. C’mon, turn on the switch, can’t wait to get back Black Ops, Killzone 3, Fifa and GT5! All is forgiven Sony, we love you.

  75. I 1 2 4 Q! says:


  76. Robbo81 says:

    It’s mint cos all those punks on cfw 3.50 won’t be able to ever get back online!! Ha ha suppose there’s always Xbox- along with all the other impatient fuckers who can’t wait three weeks. I’m buying up all the ps3s off eBay to sell back to the traitors for stupid money once they get sick of x-toss

  77. Tim says:

    All the impatient ppl who traded in for xbox, will have trade back now! Especially with the new improved PSN, free games and exclusives this year like Resistance 3, Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3. All is forgiven Sony, hope you catch the f**king b**stard hackers that did this, or hopefully they have been run over by a car.

  78. Leelee says:

    you can still use 3.50 fw bypass new fw :)

  79. Tim says:

    Just can just taste Black Ops again! :) :) :)

  80. will says:

    i like it how america is online yet i bet it was americans that hacked psn

  81. Tim says:

    Yeah, I bet it was American nerds that hacked it. It’s almost certain the FBI or Homeland Security will catch them - hope they are punished harshly. I personally want to beat the sh*t out of them. Sony has almost certainly laid traps in the network, to catch them if they try again and notify the FBI immediately.

  82. Robbo81 says:

    @ leelee. How? It’s fw3.61 now not 3.60! I hope they kill ur ps as soon as u turn it on! Ha ha . Microsoft did.

  83. Leelee says:

    but the server is in u.s they are like lil goats they are testing it befor they switch over users on

  84. will says:

    i hope bin ladens followers bomb the bastards lol

  85. turner says:

    have done update and still not on. uk birmingham.

  86. Tim says:

    If the hackers were American, can I ask our American PSN friends to find out the hackers home addresses and publish them on the internet. Please then feel free to beat the sh*t out of them, vandalise their property or firebomb their house, personal revenge like you did with Bin Laden!

  87. Robbo81 says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if custom firmware users turned their ps3s on only to find out it’s a £300 paperweight ?!

  88. will says:

    sony are being wankers why cant they just press there little button on their keyboard and turn the bastard on for everyone

  89. dave says:

    HAHAHA Americans are sad still on here when there back online what weirdos

  90. Tim says:

    @will - m8, Sony are phasing the switch on, if we all came back on at the same time the network will probably crash. We waited nearly 4 weeks, just hold on a little longer.

  91. will says:

    i got an idea anyone in uk play black opps add me wen its on willmad89

  92. Tim says:

    I’m going to play Black Ops and imagine shooting the f**king hackers. Somebody should bring out a game where we can pretend to shoot and kill the PSN hackers. With a bit of luck, somebody might get inspiration and do it in real life. :)

  93. will says:

    me two ill get proppa agressive with my ak47

  94. Leelee says:

    or even the a crossbow to the head? with a dog bitting them? lol

  95. gooner says:

    USA went online first, cos the lazy fat bastards were still in the same position as 3 weeks ago, sat in front of their fkn tv’s

  96. will says:

    how about the dog biting their cock lol

  97. katie says:

    Lol, love your comment Tim.
    Looks like we are going to have to be even more patient! Still not working here in Kent.

  98. waiting... says:

    sony this is BS!. we wouldn’t of all got back on at the same time, i would of been on at 00.45AM last night wen it let me update, an would of been playing fifa11 team play all night long. then be waking up about now

    if its not up an running by 4 or 5, then i guess they are probaby planning on switching on in the middle of the night witch is GAY

  99. scottish girl999 says:

    scotland still down want to play killzone2 n 3

  100. will says:

    well gonna check back in an hour and pray its on

  101. dave says:

    1 hour to go yeah will see if it aload of shit tha its ba ck on then or not

  102. will says:

    im not counting on it

  103. dave says:

    me neither

  104. Leelee says:

    Lets hope so, been a long time waiting

  105. Tim says:

    See you all on Black Ops when it back on again, hopefully in the next few hours. :)

  106. Katie says:

    Can’t wait to play zombies online! If it comes back on people let us know. Thanks :)

  107. Leelee says:

    ya lets hope so, Fufu-51 add if ya wanna game when its on !

  108. dave says:

    I’ve jus farted and followed through

  109. dave says:

    in excitement

  110. the lost says:

    “playstation is currently undergoing maintenance”
    aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! ! ! ! ! !

  111. dave says:

    It should say “playsation are WANKERS”

  112. the lost says:

    its not about the money money money, we dont need your money money money, its all about the PSN lol

  113. the lost says:

    better be soon im rdy with a fat weeded out blunt, w8ing for the fat lady to sing.

  114. david says:

    Cracks me up some of the comments on here!! hit that button please for the bristol area! 3.60/3.61 whats that all about

  115. david says:

    cant wait till 4.00.01 and its not switched on and wait for all the bitching and whineing . :-))))

  116. Leelee says:

    lol what makes u think its on at 4 ?

  117. david says:

    comments im coming across Lee people see to be pointing to 4pm they didnt say which month! :-)

  118. Leelee says:

    o ya dont see where he got that from funny really

  119. the lost says:

    how many sony employees, does it take to screw a light blub in?

    answer is 100

    1 to put the bulb in, the other 99 to turn the house around :)

  120. Leelee says:

    PSN User Finds a Way Into Getting European Account Online

  121. the lost says:

    by moving to america? lol

  122. FUNKmilitia says:

    I got over the shakes last week. They are back now.

    I have played through the black ops campaign 3 times even though it is terrible!!! Please sony let me shoot a bratty americam 13 year old in the head so i can sleep easy at night

  123. the lost says:

    yh by the time i catch a flight to canada/ north america, it will most defiantly be up in the UK by the time i arrive. plus cost me 2 ps3’s to get there. so thanks for the link m8 but UK and the rest of europe are about 10 plus hours away :) :)

  124. FUNKmilitia says:

    and 4PM comes and goes….

  125. psn says:

    alot of bull for english psn users still aint online like i told you laystation have not exactly said yes psn is onbline today end of the month sttop getting your hopes up END OF PSN ARE BULLSHITTAS ALLTHOUGH I AM A FAN OF SONY PSN THEY ARE FULL OF CRP

  126. Supermart says:

    Any other company would be out of business if they were so bad on security, so slow at rebuilding and so poor at customer communication. Pios patronising idiots

  127. will says:

    yeah this is bull shit

  128. still waiting says:

    still waiting…………..grr

  129. Patton says:

    Well it’s now 16:15 and still no network in the uk

  130. dave says:

    get ur heads out ur backside and turns back on

  131. david says:

    so who’s hit there sign in the most then!! im getting a sore finger! i give up . i can’t keep talking to the wife! she nags too much:-)

  132. dave says:


  133. Patton says:

    I’d gotten over the whole network down thing now it’s being hyped up that it’s returning I’m shitting a brick with anticipation

  134. david says:

    did that lastnite m8!! :-)

  135. waiting... says:

    STILL W8ING WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. waiting... says:

    The Sony PlayStation Network is currently back online in most parts of the U.S. and Europe, but progress is still slow. At around 8 p.m. PST, Sony announced a slow systematic re-launch of the PlayStation Network.

  137. Judge says:

    Still not up and after 4pm in uk (Warwick) :-(

  138. psn says:

    Psn back online in london United Kingdom :)

  139. binky says:

    brydon im from the toon :D

  140. matt says:

    its not in wales

  141. Pete says:

    Hey Judge, You in Warwick (west midlands) I’m in cov and still not on, send us your PSN if ya fancy a game (when its back on of course)

  142. luke says:

    is the psn back online in london ? if so it wont be long before its back online in cambridgeshire

  143. david says:

    hes pulling your pisser Luke! there would be hundreds posting if London was back .

  144. psn says:

    it was on its back off now for some strange reason

  145. Pete says:

    Sorry Luke i agree with David on this one, IF london was up there would be hundreds of comments on it,

  146. luke says:

    thats true :L

  147. david says:

    psn you took the old girl down again maybe!! you crashed the network!! hehe

  148. david says:

    me thinks you need anger management PMSL

  149. waiting... says:

    i live in london and its still off, prepare for the worst ppl might be off untill l8 in the night, after all if sony can take the hit an miss, like they have done for the last 3 to 4 weeks, with the s**ty updates they wrote on the blogs. failed ETA’s an all, well i wouldn’t be surprised if it was some time tomorrow. but i think it will go up middle of the night tonight

  150. Robbo81 says:

    Now now girls

  151. Robbo81 says:

    Ull all be getting a bath ready for school tomorrow anyway!

  152. hairy hole says:

    fuck you sony sort out your shit thats wat we pay top buck for

  153. lukyboi17 says:

    id of thought sony would give times to when each country will be back online this is stupid i am in coventry n no sign yet

  154. micky jay says: u will still be to play ur games online so mr playstation says like

  155. Ben dover init says:

    Barnsley still down fuckin fuckety fuck fuck

  156. Katie says:

    Argh! Why can’t they let us know if we are going to get back online anytime today?!

  157. Tim says:

    In Oxford, psn still down. Everyone must have got the 3.61 by now. Hope it comes up today, wanna get some Black Ops before work 2mo. I can wait for 2mo though, if it comes to that, already waited 4 weeks! Will get some more trophies on GT5.

  158. sp says:

    my psn still aint working im in bristol,england. i did have alot of patience at start but this is beyond a joke now HURRY UP!!

  159. Tim says:

    Sony turned on the US State by State, they will probably do the same in Europe, working left to right, it will be Portugal first, then Spain/France, then Ireland and then eventually UK and the rest.

  160. Tim says:

    lol, just read apparently the Caribbean are back online.

  161. freedom says:

    psn you sit a say these guys need to get a job, as they are obssesed with the PSN, yet you sit there with the most post shut the fuck up you bitch, your as bad as sony for bullshittin saying its back up in london then five minutes late says it done again grow uo you immature fuck. Even tho ofcourse your probably a lonely old fuck with no life and for the past 3 to 4 weeks the PSN has been down youve pokin yer arse so do everyone a favour and just shut the fuck up !

  162. FUNKmilitia says:

    Makes sense they are on before us geographically

  163. Tim says:

    They must be monitoring things before turning PSN online in Europe, the US is happily playing on PSN at the moment. So they must be just holding back until they are confident the network can cope with both US and Europe, who probably make up 90% of all PS3 users outside Japan.

  164. Tim says:

    To be honest if it is not up in the next couple of hours, doubt it will be up in the UK today. :( But hey, it will be up 2mo for sure though. Something to look forward to after work.

  165. psn says:

    freedom im from tottenham and 20 years old come now meet me at tottenham stadium let me no how long u gna be

  166. david says:

    Yes very true Tim :-) works going to drag tomorrow:-( . best to let it all die down and let all the kiddie winks test it out

  167. Xx_RaNdOmNz_xX says:

    well if we take ages 2 get on it then if this happens again then the americans should be first 2 be struck by maitenance!

  168. Ben dover init says:

    Fucking shoot you psn you little scrotum

  169. Reece says:

    I live in northren ireland (county antrim) still not up getting pissed off as some of my freinds have an xbox and are playing and my american cousin is boasting about psn being up in the us

  170. Robbo81 says:


  171. FUNKmilitia says:


  172. Reece says:


  173. Pete says:

    Same here in Coventry woo hoo

  174. micky jay says:

    al second that like u can geyt on in england now
    im from newcastle

  175. david says:

    Looks like they have turned on all the ps3 adverts on tv! shame they haven’t turned the network back on. Mind you reading the comments is bloody funny

  176. peter pan says:

    its back in uk

  177. Ben dover init says:

    It’s on just signed in Barnsley :)

  178. Katie says:

    So where is our free stuff? :)

  179. Brian Turner says:

    PSN must be back online, because suddenly all the 12-year old boys have stopped posting abusive comments here. :)

  180. Tim says:

    Just signed into PSN in Oxford, UK. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
    Let’s get some Black Ops.

  181. Rikstation says:

    So the UK is on line woohooo
    shame i left my controller in the car which my missus is using for work :-(
    Back to battlefield bad company 2 on the PC then

  182. scousegamer says:

    been back on in liverpool for seven hours, if you cant get it to work you’re doing something wrong, not sony. Some people just need to get their helper to set it up!

  183. Rikstation says:

    Ok so for me,
    I Sign in and it says “Your Password is no longer valid, You must change your password”
    I press OK Then wait 5-10 seconds and then get “An Error has occurred (80710D36)”

    Anyone else having this issue??

  184. hussain says:

    yes rikstation iam having the same problem it wont let me change the password it says a error occurred

  185. hussain says:

    is some1 eles having the same message coming up??

  186. Rikstation says:

    Still no luck here and it nothing to do with what i am doing its a PSN error.
    Also You can check the status of PSN here
    And it currently is red and says its OFF,
    Can anyone tell us if they are able to sign on and play right now. If so please state If you already changed your password ealier today or if you just done it now within the last half hour or so.

  187. voodoo says:

    got to the change password, and it kicked me off. now im getting “psn is currently under maintenance again”

    anyone having the same trouble?

  188. hussain says:


    yes mine is saying the same thing it wont go to the change password page it says psn is currently under maintenance again
    who is having this problem??

  189. voodoo says:

    im going to want 3 crappy free games at this rate not just 2 :)

  190. wiggyriggy says:

    i thought it was back in uk i live in london and it aint :P

  191. voodoo says:

    guessing that each region coming back, but with limited “slots” every hour or so, so the weight of traffic doesn’t bring it crashing back down. thats a guess, patience required on this one….

    anyone up for pes 2011 when its up, add me, VOODOO-CHIPMUNK

  192. niall says:

    I Was playen there now buh let my brother go on said under maintance an i tryed to sign in again said same fing

  193. wiggyriggy says:

    this time it didnt say play station is under maintenece it said an error has ecured cant spell lol you have been signed out of psn network

  194. luca says:

    its a bloody big joke, signed in and changed my password and then the network went down again, you are a bunch of morons Sony, There’s no excuse after all the bs you’ve dished out to us over the weeks, NOT GOOD ENOUGH,, bring it back now you idiots, is Sony run by morons???

  195. bob says:

    S tupid
    O ut for lunch
    N ot up to it
    Y upees


  196. binky says:

    you ppl getting error codes when trying to change passwords might have to through email if u ddn’t create account on that specific console

  197. voodoo says:

    same console, error codes, just kept trying then it let me. then went back to under maintenance

  198. wiggyriggy says:

    i would play my new xbox but ive got crappy games on it i just want to play black ops call of the dead cant wait tiull i buy it for xbox

  199. voodoo says:

    all my xbox is good for is keepin the dust from the nice shelf it sits on. no wireless, i no built in batteries, subscription charge, then theres no blueray, no 3d. and it was offline for 2 weeks shortly after i got it over 3 year ago. ad i had 3 of them cause they used a cheapo motherboard. its hardly been the next gen revolution…..

  200. luke says:

    everyone stop whining its back im playing mw2

  201. niall says:

    is it up again ?

  202. Rikstation says:

    I Can confirm, Its up for me in Milton Keynes. Im online now.
    The wait is finally over

  203. sp says:

    mine still saying error and now for some reason it wont let me sign in on me old password there saying its incorrect! JOKE

  204. ww_6019K says:

    Won’t be stable for a good few days yet - horrendous lag problems in New York, friends kicked off in other states, friend in Holland only got five minutes gameplay before getting kicked off. Better to leave it well alone until stabilized, perhaps at the end of the month or early June. Patience is key.

  205. Tom says:

    Got about 4 hours of Black Ops and some GT5 last night. :) Was working fine with no lag in the UK until I went to bed at 12, there were about 400,000 ppl on Black Ops matchmaking throughout the evening. I changed my password at 7 pm yesterday no problem.

  206. Tom says:

    Have read that some ppl still having problems with password resets. Loads of us are back at work/school today, so I reckon Sony will be able to stabilise everything and get through the backlog today.

  207. tris says:

    i downloaded update yesterday then had to wait a few hours (kept trying to sign in). eventually it came up with a reset password option, so i changed my password and played some black ops online.. playstation store is still down, and if you try selecting it or account management it freezes up for a while before saying maiantence but you can play online…

  208. Tom says:

    Does anyone know if PS3 Portal 2 co-op works now? If so, I will be buying a copy.

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