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May 19, 2011

iPhone 5 will be iPhone 4S

by Brian Turner

Reports from Taiwanese manufacturers suggest that the next new iPhone will be a minor upgrade and called the iPhone 4S.

While rumours about a so-called “iPhone 5″ have been building up over the year, it looks like all but the most hardcore Apple fans could be in for a disappointment.

So far the strongest rumours this year have been centered around either a major revamp (iPhone 5), and a minor upgrade (iPhone 4S).

However, the iPhone 4S rumours are becoming increasingly solid, and backed by leaked reports from Asian manufacturers, which involve upgraded components in a similar if slightly bevelled body.

There still remains the ability for Apple to surprise us, not least because there are a string of rumours which focus on a radical redesign being launched, with an “iPhone mini” being commonly reported on earlier in the year.

It remains uncertain how Apple could make a smaller iPhone that could retain its functionality, but still, rumours have persisted.

Meanwhile, it is worth observing that most years we see an increasing amount of speculation regarding possible new Apple products.

While core Apple fans are rarely disappointed with anything the company releases, those outside of that base who allow themselves to be over-run with the hype may find themselves let down.

This is especially the case as the strongest rumours about the next iPhone development are now focused on the iPhone 4S upgrade, to be announced in June, launched in the USA in September, and reach the UK in November.

Still, with Apple continuing to hold a strong share in the smartphone market, an iPhone upgrade with no trace of antenna problems, perhaps with camera and processor upgrades, is still going to be worth waiting for.

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